Will women soon be on the F1 Grid?

Hill Predicts A Mixed-Sex Grid

29 August 2012

It seems it will only be a matter of time until the likes of Hamilton, Massa and Vettel are in direct competition with the ladies. Former World Champion Damon Hill has said its 'inevitable' that women will have the chance to live their dreams by making it onto the F1 Grid. German Touring Car (DTM) driver, Susie Wolff, very much agrees with Hill and she is a likely candidate having been been signed by Williams as a development driver. She told BBC Sport:

I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. Definitely within the next decade. It would just take a massive leap of faith for one of the teams to give a female a chance. Many people within F1 would like to see it happen.

This is great progress for the ladies but also a rather controversial one I think because her husband, Toto Williams, is a director at Williams! But I have much admiration for Wolff as she is adamant she would not want to race just against other women! She appears to have her sights set on the real thing:

I don't see myself as anything different or anything special, I just see myself as someone following their passion, someone who loves what they do and someone making a dream come true. It's not so much about being in a man's world - it's my world.

Hill confirmed this is a widespread feeling amongst the women drivers, he told Channel 4 news:

It's a little bit hard in motorsport that women don't have their own category, but the women drivers I've spoken to don't want their own category - they want to show they can compete against the men.

Well I guess only time will tell whether F1 becomes a less sexist sport. I say go for it ladies, it would be awesome to see girls on the grid!