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Guest Track Tips – WTF1

Check out what happened when WTF1 visited TeamSport Reading!

The great thing about indoor go karting is how accessible it is. All you need is yourself (check!?) and an indoor go karting track (we highly recommend a TeamSport track!).

We’re not sure if you’ve seen this awesome 3 part video series filmed by the team over at WTF1 so we’ve taken some time to put them all together and give everyone the chance to benefit from the passion, energy and knowledge they have for motorsport by featuring them as our very first Guest Track Tips. In each of the videos Matt Gallagher, WTF1’s YouTube Presenter and professional Formula 1 test driver and Formula 2 racer Jack Aitken, meet at our TeamSport Reading track.

The great thing about these videos, and we’re sure that you’ll agree, is that there is something for everybody here. Whether it’s to help gain a better understanding of indoor karting, professional tips to master your technique or simply watching because you know the team at WTF1 are a fun bunch so sure to be hilarious!


In this first instalment of their karting series Matt and Jack challenge each other to break the current fastest lap time set by one of our #GRID Members.

You’ll see them first discuss the features of our Reading track such as elevation changes, slippy corners and other interesting sections that our professional go karting track designers and builders have been putting into every single one of our tracks over the years making each of them uniquely exhilarating!

So, how to did they get on? Did Jack smash the track record? Check out the video!

Even if you do make a big mistake or feel that your current lap won’t be one to brag about later, simply move on and start thinking about your next lap and set yourself up for a perfect rolling start and pretend you’re starring in one of your own track tips videos!


In this second video Matt gets a lesson from Jack as he shares his tips to help karters make the most out of their time out on track. Beginners get some great advice to give them a head start if venturing on track for the first time, and for those of you who have been racing a while there’s top advice to give yourself a competitive edge.

Perfect for helping you not only understand but also improve your go kart racing techniques. Both Matt and Jack take to the track together to expertly explain and demonstrate the techniques.

The tips are:

  1. Racing Line: from what it means, the logic behind it and several examples
  2. Braking: it’s totally different to braking in a car!
  3. Engine: including secret tip number 7 ‘Rev Range’
  4. Steering: do you do too much, or too little?!
  5. Fears
  6. Race Craft

Interested to see how you drive on track? Why not hire a HeadCam yourself next time you pay one of our tracks a visit? You may not be able to hear yourself talk on the playlist but you can definitely use it to study your technique against those discussed in the video!


The final film of our TeamSport / WTF1 cross-over series brings the guys back at our Reading track to tackle arguably go kart’s biggest myth (excuse): “Of course you won you’re lighter than me!”

If you’ve watched the tips video above you will have caught Matt Gallagher’s weighted comment as he passed the finish line behind the Formula 1 test driver, F2 racer Jack Aitken.

So, be honest, which do you say (or hear) the most before heading to your local go kart track?

  • You’re smaller so the karts are lighter and quicker
  • You’re heavier so the karts have more grip therefore they’re quicker

Make your predictions, sit back and enjoy!

Can't wait to put pedal to the metal and test out your new tips? Make sure you don't miss out and book your place today!