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Go Kart Driver FAQs

Karting Drivers Area

Hey there, - and welcome to the Drivers Karting Area.

The driver area is the place where we will be storing all of the things that any karter needs to know. From amateur to professional, and 8 year old with F1 trophies in their midst to a mum who struggles to park the family car we will be putting everything together in here that will help you become an expert at our Team Sport indoor karting tracks.

Take some time out to explore the tracks and the racing lines before you arrive and get a feel for the bends, the straights, the chicanes and at some of our tracks those crazy flyover drops! Also have a look around at our Fuel food options and make more of a day out of your visit with lunch or dinner from our pizza range!

There are always a few frequently asked questions so hopefully we can answer a few of these for you right here.

  • Due to the popularity of our centres, Team Sport runs a very tight schedule so as to accommodate as many drivers as possible. It is, therefore, very important that your drivers turn up on time. Any competitors turning up after the briefing has started will not be allowed to race. It may be prudent to provide your drivers with a copy of the map and directions. All participants should arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment start time (45 minutes before if racing at Tower Bridge).
  • We recommend that you wear soft shoes. Trainers are ideal. Race suits, helmets and gloves are all provided for you, in a variety of sizes. Please note that drivers that bring their own helmets should be aware that we only accept class A and B full- face helmets, with appropriate visor.
  • ‘Fuel’ catering can provide your group with an excellent range of food and beverages. Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.
  • All payments must be settled in advance. If any additional drivers turn up, they can pay cash, credit or debit card, company cheque or a personal cheque with an appropriate guarantee card.
  • TeamSport Indoor Karting is committed to ensuring that our customers are well attended to. If for any reason you find our services less than satisfactory, please let us know.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol allowed on the premises. You will not be allowed to take part in an event if you have consumed alcohol.
  • Payments are non-refundable and the booking cannot be changed or transferred to a new date or time. Payments can be made using a valid credit or debit card, cheque or BACS. You can pay by debit card for free. A small 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments (min £2). All payments are non-refundable and the booking cannot be changed to a new date or time. All bookings with TeamSport provide the benefit of public liability insurance cover. An optional surcharge of £2 per driver is included in every booking. VAT is not applicable on this payment. Should you need a VAT receipt for your booking, please ask a member of the sales team
  • Go-Karting is not recommended for persons with heart problems, epilepsy or other conditions, which may be affected by exertion. Particularly tall, short or heavy drivers may have problems fitting into the karts.
  • The minimum age to participate in ‘adult’ events is 16 years old, or 14 years old for exclusive events. All drivers must have an inside leg length of 29 inches measured from the crotch to the base of the shoe.
  • The strict minimum age for children karting with TeamSport is 8 years old and the minimum inside leg length of 25 inches, measured from the bottom of the shoe to the crotch, is required. To use an adult kart in an open timed race session drivers must be 13 years old with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches.

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

If you do have any further questions please contact our booking office on 0844 998 0000.

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