Electric Go Karting

Exhilarating Electric Go Karting in the UK

Do you want to take clean racing to a whole new level? Times are changing and we are delighted to be paving the way for the future of go karting with our electric go karts. 

Our e-karting tracks are just as unique, invigorating and exciting as our gas go karting circuits and we can’t wait for you to try them out. Available at 14 of our locations and counting, enjoy a thrilling day out in the knowledge that your well-deserved win isn’t going to cost the planet.

So, whether you’re planning an adventure in Hull, Stoke, Watford, or any of our other e-kart tracks, book your e-karting experience today and prepare to channel your inner Sebastian Vettel!


E-karting, not to be confused with electronic or virtual go karting, uses all-electric go karts instead of gas karts. Powered by electric motors or batteries, e-karting produces zero emissions which makes it the cleanest karting around!

Very similar to our impressive petrol karts, our electric go karts are sleek, smooth and ready to be taken for a spin. The only question left to ask is…how badly do you want to win?

Why E-Karting

Prepare for a fiercely fun race as you battle for pole position in one of our fantastic electric go karts. Whether this is your first time e-karting, or you’re a seasoned professional, let us remind you of some of the benefits of e-karting:

-The biggest benefit of unleashing your wild side in an electric go kart is that you’ll be having the time of your life while also taking care of the planet as they are eco-friendly.

-E-karts are heavier than petrol go karts which means you’ll gain more speed on the straight and cruise to victory.

-At TeamSport, our e-karting costs the same as our petrol go-karting which means you won’t be charged extra to compete for the gold medal.

- E-karting is an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re racing against friends, family or colleagues.

We can barely contain our excitement at the thought of cruising down the straights of one of our e-karting circuits, preparing to take a slick corner and waving goodbye to our competition!

You can learn more about the benefits of e-karting and the differences between electric and petrol go karts in our recent blog.

Exceptional Electric Go Kart Racing with TeamSport

As one of the leading electric go kart racing companies in the UK, we go above and beyond to ensure your experience is electrifying. That’s right, we’re the whole package!

Safety is our highest priority which is why we provide you with your own race suits and helmets, with the option to purchase reusable balaclavas from us. Our qualified crew are also on hand to support you as you prepare to let rip on the track, and will give a detailed briefing before you step foot in one of our electric go karts. Learn more about safety, including what to wear, in our FAQs section.

Immortalise your e-karting victory with personalised lap times sent to your email, phone or our free app. You can use your lap times to gloat to your competitors, or as motivation to smooth out your performance next time!

Did you know…the best way to celebrate your win (or cheer you up if you fall short) is a belly full of delicious food and drink. After you’ve experienced the thrill of one of our e-karting tracks, tuck into tasty food and refreshing drinks, from pizzas to sausage baps.

We offer so much more than just an e-karting track…we offer excitement, competition, incredible food, safe racing, and the chance to create lifelong memories.

Electric Go Karting Near Me

We are proud to be building up our e-karting empire, with electric go karts currently available at 14 locations around the UK. Create lifelong memories with friends and family on one of our e-karting circuits in:

At TeamSport, we are dedicated to providing adrenaline-filled adventures for anyone who visits us, while also ensuring we do our part in looking after the environment. That’s why our plan is to bring e-karting superstardom to all of our locations in the UK so keep an eye out for news about your nearest track! If you have any questions about electric go karting near you, get in touch with us today.

Become the Champion of E-Karting

Enjoy a day out like no other when you visit TeamSport for electric go karting fun! We have uniquely designed circuits, each one perfectly created to ensure smooth and speedy go karting. When you visit our e-karting tracks, we have several races you can compete in.

Our Adult Ultimate Race Experience will see you shoot for the stars as you compete to set the fastest lap time within 15 minutes. Will you end up as an e-karting hero or racing zero? If you’re looking for a race the whole family can take part in, we also offer Kids and Family Ultimate Race Experiences.

For a real challenge, unleash your inner racer and battle opponents in our 50 Lap Race Experience. Go wheel to wheel and be the first to cross the finish line in your electric go kart - will you take an early lead or will it end in a photo finish? Whether you’re hosting a kid’s party or planning an unforgettable stag do, we have a range of incredible e-karting packages that will get pulses racing and adrenaline rushing through your body! Are you planning a specific event?

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