Two Go-Karters Karting at TeamSport Eastleigh


Everyone envies the driver who stands on the top step of the podium after a long, hard-fought race. But how exactly did they get there?

Perhaps they had more experience than you? Perhaps they used to race karts as a kid, who knows?

All you can know for sure is that they leave you wondering how to improve your go-kart lap times so you can be the one everyone else is jealous of.

Whether you’re a racing regular trying to improve your lap time or you’re about to visit one of our go-karting tracks for a stag do and want to make sure you cross the finishing line ahead of your mates, following our top tips on how to get better lap times when you go-kart will certainly give you an advantage.

From holding the line to measuring your success…let’s get speedy!


Our first two tips for how to improve your go kart lap times happen before the chequered flag is even raised. That’s right, you can make small adjustments before the race starts that will help you secure your well-deserved win.

Once you’ve been shown your kart, adjust your seat using the lever under the front of your seat. The seating position needs to be comfortable and most importantly, close enough to the pedals to achieve full throttle. You also need to think about where you want to position your hands on the steering wheel to be able to smoothly zoom around corners and overtake competitors. Keep maximum control over your kart by holding the wheel symmetrically (e.g. at 10 and 2, or 9 and 3). 

If you’re not feeling comfortable and confident, you’ll spend more time trying to adapt your position once the race has started which may cost you precious seconds.


As with our first tip, this one also happens before you’ve even set foot in one of our go karts or e-karts. Considering force equals mass x acceleration (F=MA), you may want to lighten your kart’s load by wearing light clothing. If you want to improve your lap time, think t-shirts and trainers, rather than heavy knits and work shoes. 

Take a look at our blog on what to wear when go karting to keep you safe and help you get faster lap times.


One of the best ways to improve your lap time in go karting is to plan your route ahead of putting pedal to the metal. If you’re prepared for what you’re about to face, you’re less likely to encounter any sneaky corners that propel your competitors into first place.

So, what is the best route? Of course it differs from track to track but following the racing line is the surest way of navigating any track in as quick a time as possible. The racing line is the route you can take to navigate corners in the fastest time. 

Take a look at our guide to understanding the racing line and get ready to leave your competition in the shadows.

Diagram of a karting racing line


One thing that all successful racers are great at is maintaining their speed throughout a race. To emulate the likes of Hamilton and Vettel, keep things as smooth as possible, using both under-steel and over-steer to your advantage.

A key point to remember is to ensure that you are braking in the right place. If you brake too late, or too hard, you will compromise your line and speed through a corner. The exit is where you want to be going fast. Remember, slow in = fast out.

To maintain a competitive pace, you should also stick to using just one pedal at a time. As well as causing spin-outs and slower lap times, pressing down on the brake and accelerator simultaneously can even cause some karts to cut-out altogether. 

Be smooth with the pedals, and feel for the grip. More throttle does not necessarily equal more speed, particularly on the exit of slower corners. By keeping your race clean and sleek, you’ll improve your go karting lap time quicker than you think!

#5 Steal the lead

There's nothing more annoying than a slow driver blocking your path and preventing you from staking your claim for a place on the podium. If you’re wondering how to get fast lap times when you go kart, you need to master the art of overtaking and boss your way to the front of the grid.

There are many ways you can improve your go karting lap times through overtaking. Learn everything there is to know about how to overtake in go karting by reading our guide. Alternatively, why not study the driver in front over the course of a few laps and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Once you think you’ve found an area they’re particularly slow through, be sure to take advantage!


If we had to explain how to improve your go kart lap time in one word, we say: Cornering.

Cornering truly is your bread and butter when it comes to racing superstardom. Nail your corners and your competitors will be eating dust.

So, how can you get fast lap times in your go kart through cornering? As you approach each corner, avoid leaning your body towards the apex as doing this will place more weight over your inside wheels – exactly the opposite of what’s needed. Instead, sit square in the seat and keep the weight distributed over the centre of the kart. Take a look at this video on how to ace a hairpin and win pole position from one of our TeamSport Reading Race Instructors Ben:

For more information, read our guide on how to improve cornering.


Our next tip for how to get fast lap times when you go kart is to focus on yourself and become one with the track.

We know this sounds contradictory but if you’re too busy concentrating on what your fierce competition is doing, or daydreaming about reaching pole position, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Of course it’s still important to have an awareness of what everyone around you is doing, especially if you want to overtake them, but you need to ensure it doesn’t come at the cost of taking a slow corner or letting someone slip past you.

#8 Measure Your Success

This tip is true of any sport, but if you want to improve your go kart lap time then you need to measure your success. Why?

  • It identifies areas of weakness
  • You can track progress over time
  • You can use your previous times as a baseline when you test different techniques
  • Measuring can give you a boost when you see your time dropping

Most importantly, measuring your success gives you the proof you need to brag to your friends about being the best of the best!

#9 Enjoy yourself

Our final tip on how to get better lap times when you go kart is all about your attitude! It may sound daft, but you stand a much better chance of winning if you're enjoying yourself out on the track. Try to keep a clear head at all times and avoid things like anger and stress, as both could lead to you making some rash decisions out there!  

So there you have it, our top tips on how to improve your go kart lap time and finish first the next time you and your pals decide to battle it out at your local TeamSport track. 

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If you have any questions about how to improve your go kart lap time or about any of our race types, please contact us today.