Go-karting Weight Limits

Understanding Go-Karting: Safety, Comfort, and Performance Factors:

There is no hard and fast weight limit for go-karting - physique, height and width, and your ability to fit comfortably into a kart are all factors that play into go-karting safety.

At TeamSport we don’t have a specific weight limit for go-karting, but particularly tall, short or heavier drivers may find driving uncomfortable or may not be able to fit in the karts. If you are unsure, feel free to visit your local venue and try sitting in a kart first to ensure it will be comfortable and safe for you to drive before you book in a session.

Weight can have an impact on the speed and performance of your kart, however the most important factor is skill. But with this in mind when more weight is added to a kart, it has to work harder to reach the same speeds as the lighter karts. Although with our new electric karts the performance difference is much smaller than with the traditional petrol karts.

There are ways to counteract this - some semi-professional places balance things out by adding weights to the karts, so differently sized people can play together and still have a fair competition based on technique. 

Otherwise, heavier people may be able to match their lighter competitors by polishing up their technique. Added weight provides added traction, which can give them an edge over others around corners and even out the competition!