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The Flyover Track

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The Flyover Track - Track Map Reveal

Here at ScotKart HQ we thought that we’d treat you all to a cheeky little track map reveal for this April Fool’s Day!

We love karting just as much as any other dedicated indoor go karting fan so we are always excited to reveal a new track layout to our Members and regular karters alike. As some of our most popular content we just couldn’t resist, especially when our ScotKart Cambuslang track map is so close to being ready!

Check out the April Fools track below and then read on to find out a little more from our professional track map designer and Project Director about how this, unfortunately, couldn’t be possible but also a little about how each of our exhilarating Multi-Level tracks maps are redesigned!

The ‘Flyover Circuit’ Track Map Revealed!

ScotKart's April Fool 2019

Were you fooled? Here is the original Facebook and Twitter posts so don't forget to tag your friends to see if they fall for it as well!

More from our Track Designer and build Project Director

Being on the track design team is one of the reasons I love working at ScotKart. To be given a blank canvas of an empty warehouse and to play around and come up with an exciting and exhilarating track is sometimes a challenge, but driving it for the first time when we are getting ready to open is such a buzz.

The thought process behind designing and then building one of our pulse racing, jaw dropping and thrilling tracks is predominantly ensuring that the track flows well. There are lots of other factors that need to be considered such as a balanced number of right and left hand turns, maximising space available in the building and most importantly, making sure there are places to overtake. The real fun is when we get the chance to design Multi-Level circuits because suddenly the track designs process has to become three dimensional!

Unfortunately, due to the weight of the karts and a small matter of health and safety, a jump would never be possible on an indoor go karting track, although we wish we could! Wouldn't it be great to be the first Indoor Go Karting track in the world to have a jump! Check out our other, very real and, if we do say so ourselves, awesome track layouts at ScotKart locations in Scotland as well as our TeamSport locations across England and Wales.



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