Is Go-Karting Good Exercise for Keeping Fit?

Is Go-Karting Good Exercise for Keeping Fit?

12 September 2023

When you think about spending the afternoon racing around one of our go karting tracks, you will likely imagine a high octane, thrilling experience filled with fun, laughter and friendly competition. While it’s undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating sports, you might be left wondering…is go-karting good exercise and does it keep you fit?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, because you sit down whilst go-karting, there isn’t much exercise involved as you compete for pole position. However, you’ll be pleased to know that, while speeding around the circuit, you could be doing the world of good for your health.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous, new activity to get involved in as an individual, or wanting to plan an unforgettable family day out that gets your kids active and away from their screens, we’re going to take you through the mental and physical health benefits of go karting.

Physical Health Benefits of Go-Karting

Of course, the health benefits of go-karting depend on a number of factors, such as:

How regularly you cruise around a go-karting circuit, How seriously you take racing, as the harder you battle for a place on the podium, the more calories you could burn, Who you go with (you might be slightly less competitive against work colleagues than siblings, and therefore manage keep your heart rate lower) and How much time you spend on each adrenaline-filled adventure.

In other words, if you’re a racing regular with a fiercely competitive streak, you’re more likely to reap the health rewards, as is the case for all forms of exercise.

So, is go-karting good exercise? Absolutely! Take a look at our top 3 physical health benefits of go-karting:

Increased Heart rate:

As you hurtle down the straights and go wheel to wheel with your opponents in a fierce battle to victory, you’ll feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins - there’s truly no better feeling! The adrenaline fuelling your body, along with the feel of the wind rushing through your hair as you zoom around the track on your go-kart, can increase your heart rate. In turn, this has a number of benefits, from burning more calories to moving blood and oxygen to your muscles quicker.

Building Strength:

Another health benefit of go-karting is the improvement in strength. To keep control of your go-kart and smoothly manoeuvre around the track at speeds of up to 40mph, your muscles will be working overtime! If you’re battling it out on the circuit for around 2 hours, your arms and legs will be feeling the burn and building strength with every lap you complete. Learn more about how fast go karts go in our recent blog.

Sharper Reflexes:

If you want to avoid a photo finish and enjoy the glory of a landslide win against your opponents, having lightning-fast reflexes and reaction times is crucial. Being able to react quickly will keep you and your competitors safe on the track, while also ensuring you speed to victory. Take corners with precision, avoid unexpected obstacles and overtake other go-karts skilfully. The more laps you complete and the more frequently you visit our go karting tracks, the sharper your reflexes can become. 

Other Health Benefits of Go-Karting

Did you know…alongside the physical health benefits of go karting, you may also experience other benefits, relating to the mind and soul? That’s right, go-karting can also be a great way to stimulate your brain and boost your mood!

Let’s talk about 3 ways that an adrenaline-filled go-karting experience can do wonders for your mind:


We’ve already mentioned adrenaline but it’s such an incredible part of the overall racing experience that it’s making another appearance! Alongside being a physical benefit of go-karting, the adrenaline you feel as you race for the gold medal is also a naturally occurring endorphin. When endorphins are released into your body, they can help to reduce stress and enhance your wellbeing.


To keep yourself and your opponent's safe, you need high levels of concentration and the ability to take in everything that’s going on around you. This means that, from the smell of the petrol and feel of the helmet to the sounds of our crew cheering you on and the taste of the delicious post-race snacks, go-karting is a very sensory experience. Concentrating on the senses can keep you feeling grounded and stimulated, both of which can have a positive impact on your mind.

Quality time:

There’s no better medicine than spending time with people you love, whether that’s large groups of friends, your family or even co-workers. That’s right, go-karting is the ultimate day out where you can enjoy the company of up to 150 (yes, you read that right) people. If motorsports is one of your hobbies, making time for an activity you love is also important for wellbeing…if you need us, we’ll be racing around the circuits ourselves!

Want to learn more about what you will get from putting the pedal to the metal? Contact us today and a member of our pit crew will be more than happy to help.

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So, does go karting keep you fit? Yes, in more ways than one! Whether you’re go karting with friends, family or work colleagues, as you race around the circuit you can rest in the knowledge that you could be boosting your mental and physical health.

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring, book to visit one of our go-karting circuits around the UK and prepare to experience the health benefits of go karting as you unleash your inner racing superstar. From stag dos to children’s parties, we cater for a wide range of occasions. Want to look after the planet as well as yourself? Take a look at our e-karting tracks, available in 14 locations and counting, such as Newcastle, Nottingham and Reading.