Top Tips to Keep Kids Active Over School Holidays

2 April 2024

Looking for Half Term Activities? Try Go Karting!

Busy parents like you might not notice the school holidays approaching until they’re right on your doorstep. When they do arrive, there are problems to be solved: How do you keep your child active? How do you keep them occupied and entertained? Is there anything your whole family can do together?

Whether it’s a bank holiday Monday, Easter half-term or the summer holidays. School holiday activities should be fun, convenient and affordable. If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not try indoor go karting?

10 Reasons Why Go Karting is the Best School Holiday Activity for Families

  1. Gives you and your family a new shared hobby: It’s good for kids to have a range of hobbies, and indoor go-karting is a great addition to their skill set - especially if you already love go-karting, it's the perfect time to share your love with them!
  2. Go-karting is a great, unique form of exercise: If a lot of your child’s interests involve sitting down for long periods, you might worry about whether they’re active enough. Go-karting is a simple, and fun form of exercise, not just for your child but great for you too! It not only builds muscle and burns calories, but releases endorphins into your system to help you feel happier and healthier! Learn more in our blog: Is Go Karting Good Exercise?
  3. Builds and hones soft skills: Go-karting is a great way to teach kids, and hone your own, essential soft skills. By dodging and weaving through other karts, mastering your cornering technique, figuring out the feel of the kart and so much more, you can develop soft skills like coordination, attention to detail, growth mindset, tactical thinking, and resilience.
  4. Encourages healthy competition: If you want your kids to go for gold, you have to incentivise it! A couple of laps around a go-karting track is a great way to foster a desire to win, and to reward them for pushing themselves and finding new ways to succeed. If they stand on the podium with a gold trophy in hand at the end of the day, that could become a core memory for the family!
  5. Go-karting can be part of a bigger day out: If you only have a day or two free to really spend time with your family and want to pack in as much as possible, indoor go-karting can be part of a bigger school holiday activities itinerary! From arrival, to induction, to getting changed, to getting in your karts and racing, a TeamSport session only takes up a few hours. It could be an exhilarating start to the grand day, or the grand finale. If you wish to make a full day of it, select TeamSport locations also offer motor-themed crazy golf, bowling and laser combat - many of which can be included in multi-activity packages.
  6. The perfect day out, whatever the weather: So many family-friendly activities are limited by the weather - it puts a damper on your day together if you get soaked while exploring a theme park, visiting a local attraction, or setting up a camping tent. Indoor go-karting is ideal no matter what the forecast says - warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry all year round.
  7. You don’t need to buy any equipment.: With TeamSport indoor go karting, all equipment - from the race suit and helmet to the kart itself - are included under the racing price. Compared to many school holiday activities, especially sporty ones, that require you to buy all the equipment needed first - this is even true of outdoor go-karting, where some tracks may expect you to bring your own karts. The only thing you'll need to buy or bring is a balaclava, and your top speeds.
  8. You don’t need any prior experience. Don’t worry if this is your first time driving a go kart - indoor go-karting is totally beginner-friendly, suitable for anyone over 8 years old. At TeamSport our staff are there at all times to teach you and offer advice - you may also check our FAQ page in advance to help answer any burning questions!
  9. Indoor go karting venues are conveniently located: Unlike outdoor go-karting tracks, which are often based in quite rural locations, indoor go-karting venues are often based centrally in towns and cities. This makes it far more convenient as a half-term activity. Learn more about Indoor vs Outdoor Karting.
  10. It’s something the whole family can do: The best part about go-karting is how accessible it is - people of all ages can go go-karting, so you can bring three generations along to an indoor go-karting venue and have a fantastic time! If you’re hunting for activities to do in the school holidays, go-karting will delight everybody, not just the kids.

Opportunities at TeamSport

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable day out or regular half-term activities near you that are ideal for the kids, there are plenty of options available at TeamSport.

Family Grand Prix

On a regular day at TeamSport, you and your family can take part in a Grand Prix! You get a full induction to go-karting and then two racing sessions. You could race your kids, siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles - the opportunities are endless! But only one person can go home with the trophy.

Cadet Race Academy

If your child has taken a liking to go-karting, why not enroll them in our Race Academy? Not only will they be able to race kids their age and make lots of new friends over the school holidays, but they’ll also gain new insights about racing that could set them up to race competitively!

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids who have birthdays over the school holidays sometimes feel like they’re missing out - eliminate that possibility by inviting all your kids’ friends to an exclusive kids party! Create a party they’ll never forget, with extras like a reserved party area and a golden suit for the birthday child. 

Additional Activities

Our venues just keep getting more exciting - on top of regular go karting, we now offer a range of other activities to do in school holidays, from crazy golf Putt Club and Laser Combat to Combat Karts, our fusion of go karting and gaming! These are available in select locations across the country, so browse our Additional Activities page to see what might be local to you. 

Learn more about the half term activities on offer at TeamSport, by clicking below.