What's better indoor or outdoor karting?

20 February 2024

Which is better: outdoor or indoor go-karting? This is a subject of contention among many motorsport fans and a common question among go karting newbies. 

If you’re struggling to decide what type of track is for you, the short answer is that both have their pros and cons!

Why do people swear by outdoor go-karting?

A lot of avid racers will claim that outdoor go-karting is the only way you can enjoy the sport.

Here are the advantages of outdoor go-karting:

  1. Outdoor karts go faster. It’s true - most outdoor go-karts reach speeds of 70-80mph, with the fastest reaching speeds of up to 150mph! On a breezy outdoor track, this is an incomparably thrilling thing to experience.
  2. The tracks are wider and longer. With larger plots of land to work with, outdoor go-karting tracks are often far more elaborate, with plenty more space for maneuvering and overtaking. 
  3. Pro-racers and semi-professionals feel right at home. If you’re passionate about Formula 1, you’ll already know that semi-professional and professional race events happen at outdoor tracks. If you’re looking to hone your skills and advance, visiting outdoor go-karting tracks will give you the competitive edge you’ll need.
  4. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. For a number of reasons, outdoor go-karting is trickier to master than indoor go-karting. But that’s what makes it so satisfying to master!

Why do we swear by indoor go-karting?

We’re biased, of course, when we say we like indoor go-karting. How could we run approx. 40 indoor go-karting tracks if we didn’t think it’s brilliant? But indoor go-karting is the most accessible way to experience go-karting, both literally and figuratively. 

Here are the advantages of indoor go-karting:

1. Indoor go-karting is always an option, whatever the weather! If it starts to rain, your plans won’t be interrupted at an indoor go-karting track - you can race to your heart’s content, regardless of the forecast. Meanwhile, the most inconvenient thing about outdoor go-karting is the fact you can only race in dry weather. 

2. Indoor go-karting is great for beginners. People who are new to karting may find outdoor tracks intimidating. With the karts a little slower and the environment more controlled, an indoor go-karting venue is perfect for dipping your toes into the world of motorsport for the first time! 

At TeamSport, children as young as 8 years old are welcome. Not only is it safe, but we can provide tailored advice they need to build confidence and take on outdoor tracks with ease later on. 

3. The terrain is always smooth with indoor go-karting. Outdoor go-karting has the potential unfortunate feature of bumpy and uneven tracks. Go-karts are designed without much suspension, so this can be quite tough on the body and make racing much harder. Indoor go-karting venues have perfectly smooth tracks, so you can glide to victory without that added complication.

4. Indoor go-karting venues are more conveniently located. While yes, outdoor go-karting tracks are generally much longer and wider, they are often situated in rural locations, which isn’t helpful for motorsports fans who rely on public transport to get around. Many indoor go-karting venues are located in towns and cities, making them accessible no matter your mode of transport.

5. With e-karting, indoor go-karting is more sustainable. Many relish the “authentic” experience of outdoor go-karting, right down to the roar of the petrol engines. We understand this, but in the interest of sustainability, it’s worth revisiting what we value about go-karting and making a switch to options that produce fewer carbon emissions. Our initiative to introduce e-karting to as many of our locations as possible has produced karts that are more power-efficient without compromising on thrills!

Key takeaways:

The indoor vs outdoor go-karting debate has persuasive points on both sides. However, it often ignores the most important difference between the two types of karting: they cater to different audiences. 

Indoor go-karting is not only the perfect gateway for complete beginners, but is also a convenient option for casual racers and a fun option for parties and small events. 

Outdoor go-karting makes more sense for the karting connoisseurs, people with more experience who may be aiming to go pro. 

But most importantly, both outdoor go-karting and indoor go-karting are here for us to enjoy!

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