A Parents' Guide to Safe and Exciting Indoor Karting

Indoor go-karting is a thrilling and exciting experience for everyone, including children. It’s an opportunity to build their confidence, learn a new skill and make memories with their friends and family. 

We’ve put together a ‘parents’ guide to safe and exciting indoor karting’, ensuring your children get the most out of their experience safely and you can have peace of mind knowing your children are safe whilst out on the track!

What are the benefits of indoor karting for children?

Develops confidence and builds resilience

Karting for children can be a boost to their confidence in many ways. The activity requires skill and control, helping kids feel self-assured as they practice. It’ll help them realise they can do an activity they put their mind to and improve their skill. When children learn to navigate the tracks and drive their karts, they’ll have a sense of accomplishment, building their confidence.

Confidence and resilience go hand in hand. As go-karting can be unpredictable in many ways, such as crashing the kart or experiencing setbacks, it builds resilience in kids and how they can bounce back from failure. 

Pushing themselves out of their comfort zone

The best way for children to learn and build confidence is by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Go-karting is an opportunity for a child to do just that and experience something new. 

Developing social skills

Go-karting for children opens up a world of opportunities for socialising. 

Whether you’re go karting for a children’s party, family get-together or a casual outing with friends, go-karting exposes them to deal with healthy competition and cooperation as well as mixing with people of different ages, abilities and personalities.

Improves motor skills

Their hand-eye coordination is needed to work the pedals, brakes and steering wheel, developing motor skills and hand dexterity. The motor skills go hand in hand with physical activity, strengthening core muscles, increasing coordination and improving balance.

What precautions are taken for children when they go karting?

Indoor go karting is a unique and enjoyable activity for kids, yet understandably, some parents may be worried about the potential dangers. 

We’re here to assure you that safety is our highest priority and of the precautions taken.

Safety Briefing

Before karting we’ll take the time to run through a full safety briefing with your child to ensure they understand all the elements that will keep them safe during the karting experience.

Junior karts' speed limits

As you can imagine, kids may want to go as fast as they like on the go-karts, but the maximum speed on our junior karts is 25 mph. 

It’s the perfect speed for mini adrenaline fans to taste their need for speed and go at a calmer pace than the adults. The adult go-karts can reach a speed of 40mph, allowing older children (12 years plus) to enjoy a faster speed around the indoor circuits. 

Age range

The minimum age of a child kart is eight, and they also need to have an inside leg measurement of 25 inches or more. The leg measurement is taken from the crotch to the base of the heel while wearing shoes. Although there isn’t a maximum height for the child karts, due to different body types and to control them safely,  children must be under 5 '4. 

For the adult kart, the minimum age is 12, and they need an inside leg measurement of 29 inches or more.

Restrictions preventing children from taking part

Indoor go-karting has its limitations and restrictions for some children, such as children with epilepsy, heart conditions or other conditions, as they may be affected by exertion. 

It’s our policy to make go-karting as accessible as possible, but to meet our duty of care, we offer a risk assessment before some drivers are allowed to race.

Suitable clothing to wear 

We provide everything your children need to wear to protect them behind the wheel, including a helmet, protective jumpsuit and a baklava (purchased on arrival). 

Before they start the race, long hair must be worn down (or in a low ponytail) and tucked into clothing, with the race suit over the top. Any headgear and accessories that present a risk, such as scarves, must be removed, including jewellery. 

Children should wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear, covering their feet - no open toes.

Not only will they learn new skills such as handling, cornering and braking on a go-kart, but they’ll also learn how to adapt to different environments and situations as they get exposed to moments of calm and competition whilst out on the track! 

The types of go karting for children:

Indoor Go Karting Only 

Indoor go-karting is safer than outdoor karting as it takes place on a smaller circuit and is more controlled and regulated. In our indoor go karting courses, we offer the same exhilarating experience for children with a variety of tight bends and the opportunity for them to enjoy their need for speed. The surfaces are smooth and easy to glide along, meaning it’s easier for children to drive along and enjoy their time in the kart. 

Combat Karts

Our new racing experience combat karts are available at selected locations around the UK for children 13yrs+ and adults. Combining exciting kart racing with video gaming, this new experience combines boosts and bonuses to add additional excitement to your day out.

Kids parties booking

A go-karting party is a unique way to celebrate a child’s birthday. We offer go-kart hire for children’s parties for kids and families or a group of 10 children from 8-12 year olds. Kids' parties are safer for children to enjoy the thrill than open racing, as they only involve children, whereas open racing can include adults.

For customised packages, like birthday parties, and more, please ring us on01252 732300and someone will help you determine the right pricing options.