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Super Grand Prix


Super Grand Prix

Looking for a race that sets the best from the rest?

Look no further. The Super Grand Prix racing format is fast paced, challenging and the ultimate experience for individual racing in a group. Only the most determined and fastest drivers will make it to the final so get ready to go full race mode. Great for large parties looking for some real competition!

Who can race?

Adult karts only. Minimum age is 13 and all drivers must have a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches. At most tracks the minimum group booking is 16+ drivers but this may be more depending on track capacity.

What’s the format?

Once your group has been signed in, into your race-wear and watched our short safety briefing everyone will head trackside to be split into groups. In groups, drivers will head out onto the track to compete in a series of heats, alternating between one another. After the series of heats, determined by lap times, all drivers will then compete in semi-finals. Only the fastest drivers across the board will proceed to the grand final whilst the rest can cheer on from the trackside. The driver to cross the finish line first at the signal of the chequered flag is the winner and will take the top spot on the podium for a trophy presentation to finish alongside 2nd and 3rd place!

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Safety briefing
- Exclusive track use
- Trophy presentation


How long is the experience?

We have three different tiers available for our Super Grand Prix experiences which we can tailor towards your desired karting time and budget. We ask all parties to arrive 40 minutes prior to the on track time and to allow a minimum of 2.5 hours at the venue.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £40pp + balaclava purchase

Do I need to book?

Our Super Grand Prix race format is a bespoke event and therefore must be booked in advance. Please call us to discuss arranging your event or submit an online enquiry for a call back today.

Tracks & Prices

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