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Super Grand Prix

Super Grand Prix

Our competitive F1 style Grand Prix events give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Race through a series of qualifying heats, overtaking all of your rivals on the way. The higher you finish in each of the heats, the more points you get towards making the Grand Final event and becoming the Champion! At the end of the race there is a podium award ceremony with trophies for the top teams / drivers so you can gloat to all of your mates!

As part of the package all drivers are assured a set minimum number of heats and laps on each of our GP events, so don’t worry if you're not very good! Prices are charged per person and can be adjusted for longer or shorter grand prix events depending on your budget.

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.



Exclusive Grand Prix

Can be held Mon-Fri before 6pm – Minimum 14 Drivers, after 6pm – Minimum 16 Drivers (Min. 22 at Docklands, Leeds and Warrington Int with exclusive track use.)

Race through a series of qualifying heats, with points awarded for the top placed drivers in each heat. Those with the most points at the end of the heats race for glory in the grand final. A trophy podium presentation at the end finishes the event in true F1 style!

Event Types:

Super 4GP – 4 Heats of 4 Laps, 5 Lap Semi Final, 6 Lap Grand Final

From £40 per driver

Super 6GP – 4 Heats of 6 Laps, 7 Lap Semi Final, 8 Lap Grand Final

From £45 per driver

Super 8GP – 4 Heats of 8 Laps, 9 Lap Semi Final, 10 Lap Grand Final

From £50 per driver

*formats will vary on International Circuits.


Complimentary bus transfers available for London Docklands (North Greenwich), North London (Tottenham Hale) and West London (Shepherd's Bush) on Exclusive karting bookings only. Ask for more information at time of booking, must be pre-booked with your karting at least 72 hours prior to your event. 

Tracks & Prices

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