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Petrol Vs Electric

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Petrol Vs Electric: waving the chequered flag on green energy myths

It's no secret that electric cars have been making huge strides over the past decade or so, and yet despite this, more than a few doubters remain within the automotive fraternity.

Why this is the case remains unclear, and not even the birth of Formula E – the all-electric equivalent to F1 – has been able to convince people that electric cars could well signify the future of not just motorsport, but the wider world of motoring too.

Here at TeamSport, we need no convincing about the potential of electric cars, which is why we've invested in whole host of electric go karts to sit alongside our awesome petrol karts at many tracks up and down the country. However, if you still require a little convincing yourself, take a look at some of the dispelled myths below and park those fears in the pits.


Aren't electric cars really slow?

No, they're really not. In fact, the 100% electric Tesla Model S boasts a ludicrous 0-60mph time of just 2.7 seconds – making it quicker off the mark than a whole host of Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, despite weighing a significant amount more.

The same goes for Formula E cars. Not only are these machines capable of getting from 0-60mph in 3 seconds, the fact that they can travel at speeds of 140mph makes them anything but a slouch.

See for yourself just how quick an electric race car can be and book a session with TeamSport today. 

Don't electric cars run flat every 10 minutes?

Again, no.

In terms of everyday road cars, even cheaper all-electric models like the Nissan Leaf are capable of travelling up to 107 miles on one charge, whereas bigger, more expensive models like the Tesla X can clock an astounding 300 miles before running flat. 

Even in Formula E races, where each car has to be changed during the race, the cars are more than capable of being pushed to the limit for an extended period of time.

OK, but there's definitely nowhere to charge them, right?


According to Zap-Map – the UK's No.1 charging point platform – there are currently 4,355 charging locations across the UK. Ranging from Rapid AC chargers to slower plug-in options, the best places to live for EV drivers are Scotland, London and South East England.

So what's the catch?

So far electric vehicles sound too good to be true, right? Well, unfortunately there is a catch – something that perhaps explains why you're yet to see a Nissan Leaf or BMW i3 parked on every corner. Needless to say, we're talking about the price.

Sure the government are offering hefty discounts for those willing to invest in an electric vehicle, but even still, drivers can expect to pay thousands more for an electric vehicle compared to standard models.

Luckily, at TeamSport we don't charge you any extra for using an electric kart – meaning you can enjoy all the high octane, eco-friendly racing you desire for a fraction of the price.

Fancy giving it a go? Call 0844 998 0000 and talk to an advisor about our awesome electric karts today.

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