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Following the latest Government advice; we have decided to temporarily close all TeamSport & ScotKart tracks and regional call centres until further notice.

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Go Karting Bournemouth

Go Karting Bournemouth

Looking for Go Karting near Bournemouth?


Head to TeamSport's Southampton Track

If you’re waiting for a sunny day at the beach and stuck for something to keep your mind active and your mood happy then Team Sport have the perfect idea. Go Karting Bournemouth is located just a short while away in Southampton but provides one of the single-most enjoyable experiences four wheels and a motor can provide.

The superb corner exit from the bridge grants hair-raising speeds of up to 40mph down the Hangar straight before entering the Dunlop bend, a fast-paced double apex curve with a tight entry and wide exit providing a test of skill and perseverance.

Just check out some of these amazing features that are provided at Go Karting Bournemouth:

    • Free Onsite Parking


    • Catering and Food Available at the Fuel Bar


    • State of the Art Electronic Timing Systems with Large LCD screens


    • Digital Tracktime Sheets to Take Home

Southampton is one of Go Karting Bournemouth’s best tracks; you can get to grips with the layout easily, taking only a few laps before you’re in the groove and have picked out the best racing line to suit your style of racing. There is a mean flyover that will give you that thrill as you race high above the heads of others while coming down from it gives you that all important speed boost into the home straights.

Kids open timed sessions at Go Karting Bournemouth

We can provide an exhilarating experience for all ages and what better a way to kick start a career off in racing that getting your little sprog into a go kart and watch him have the time of his life as they get faster and faster round the circuit. Go Karting Bournemouth located just a short while away in Southampton can host an open racing session for kids under 16.

The open sessions at go karting Bournemouth are based on 15 minute track sessions, you’ll get briefed and suited and then away you go, getting in as many laps as you can before your track time is up. This is a perfect package to choose if you want to test out a new racing line or improve those lap times.

Conference events at Go Karting Bournemouth

There are many reasons to choose go karting Bournemouth as the venue for your conference needs. It’s the perfect place to host an event where you can just turn up, get your business done and even enjoy your time there by combining it with a karting session.

We can provide full catering services and make sure that you get the most from your time here. The conference facilities are capable of hosting about 50 people and are fitted with the projectors.

There’s free on-site parking for all who attend and should you want to attend a conference at go karting Bournemouth then we can accommodate that as well.