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Kids Tuition Dates

Dates available:


EVERY SUNDAY, times may vary - check at booking (All stages)


30th May, 4.30pm arrival
27th June, 4.30pm arrival
25th July, 4.30pm arrival


New dates coming soon!


14th May, 12.20pm arrival
28th May, 9.40pm arrival
11th June, 11.45am arrival
25th June, 10.30am arrival


13th May, 9.50am arrival (Juniors Only)
26th May, 4.50pm arrival
3rd June, 9.20am arrival
17th June, 9.50am arrival (Junior Only)
28th June, 5.35pm arrival
1st July, 9.20am arrival
15th July, 9.50am arrival (Junior Only)
26th July, 5.35pm arrival


4th June, 9.30am arrival
2nd July, 10.00am arrival


25th May, 5.30pm arrival
29th June, 5.30pm arrival
27th July, 5.30pm arrival
31st August, 5.30pm arrival
28th September, 5.30pm arrival



Between 9am -10am - £20 – MAX 20.
This is for Cadet drivers (in cadet karts, 8yrs -12yrs) it’ll run as 3 x10 open practice sessions
Cadet Grid members will receive tuition.

Between 10am -11am - £20 – MAX 20
This is for Junior drivers (in adult karts, 12yrs -16yrs) it’ll run as 3 x10 open practice sessions
Junior Grid members will receive tuition.


14th May, 9.30am arrival
28th May, 9.45am arrival
11th June, 10.00am arrival

London Docklands

21st May, 11.00am arrival
28th May, 11.45am arrival
11th June, 11.45am arrival
25th June, 11.45am arrival


14th May, 11.50am arrival
28th May, 11.50am arrival
11th June, 11.35am arrival
25th June, 11.50am arrival


17th June, 2.30pm arrival
30th June, 4.45pm arrival

North London

11th May, 5.15pm arrival
17th June, 10am arrival


21st May, 10.00am arrival 
4th June,  11.30am arrival
18th June, 9.45am arrival
2nd July, 9.45am arrival
16th July: 8.15am arrival


13th May, 5.00pm arrival
27th May, 5.00pm arrival
10th June, 5.00pm arrival
24th June, 5.00pm arrival
8th July, 5.00pm arrival
22nd July, 5.00pm arrival
5th August, 5.00pm arrival
19th August, 5.00pm arrival
2nd September, 5.00pm arrival
16th September, 5.00pm arrival
20th September, 5.00pm arrival
14th October, 5.00pm arrival
28th October, 5.00pm arrival
11th November, 5.00pm arrival
25th November, 5.00pm arrival 


New dates coming soon!


30th May, 5.45pm arrival
26th June, 5.45pm arrival
31st July, 5.45pm arrival


6th June, 6.00pm arrival

West London

4th June, 11.20am arrival
18th June, 11.20am arrival

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