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It doesn’t get much better than this! We all like a bargain and this is no exception – get 3 karting sessions for the price of 2 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Get to your local track after 7pm and bring some extra adrenaline with you as you are going to need it. Extra track time means you’ll need extra stamina and nerves of steel to get you over the line in the top spot. 

Use the extended track time to skill up, show us what you are made of, smash your PB or simply learn the science of the track in order to get the upper-hand on your competitors. You could also just come along to have some fun – there’s always plenty of that to be had.

Our tracks are designed by karting professionals with speed and flat-out racing at the top of their agenda, so come alone or come as a group to get your toe down over our myriad or banked corners, overtaking straights and mind-scrambling multi-levels.

These sessions are extremely popular so book your slot in advance online or by calling 0844 998 0000. This offer is available on all Open Timed Race Sessions and Mini Grand Prix races (although this requires a minimum number of drivers so check before you book).These sessions start from around 7pm until late. Adult and kids kart spaces are available, but adults only at Crawley, Farnborough, Reading, Mitcham, Sheffield and London Tower Bridge as this offer is upgraded to our International circuits at these venues!  

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

Tower Bridge - 4 for 3 (4x8min race sessions) and West London 4 for 3 (4x10min race sessions) All other tracks - 3 for 2 (3x15 min sessions)


Call 0844 998 0000 For a quote or more information
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