Father's Day Track Tips

Looking for an awesome Father's Day gift to celebrate the best Dad ever? You're in the perfect place. Make sure Sunday 16th June is jam-packed with thrills, fun and plenty of laughter by choosing to spend it with TeamSport.

Whether you're browsing for your own Father, or you're a parent hunting for an unforgettable gift your son or daughter can give to their Dad, spending a morning or afternoon on the track is an experience unlike any other. An epic family day out, our multi-level, high-speed courses can be found all across the country, and whichever you choose we're sure to put your karting skills to the test.

After you've put pedal to the medal, and the winner has been crowned, the fun doesn't stop there. You'll find Fuel Bars at each of our locations, where you'll find snacks and refreshments to help you all recharge before continuing with your Father's Day celebrations!

Our staff will guide everyone through the basics, so each family member knows how to drive a kart safely. We've even listed some tips right here to help prep for the day and perform out there on the track. We know it's Father's Day, but that doesn't mean your Dad won't welcome some healthy competition!

Karting Top Tips

Want your Dad to work up a sweat as you face on him on the track? Remember our top karting tips and he won't stand a chance!

  • Make sure you're sitting comfortably in your kart and remember to relax.
  • Check you're not wearing big or precious jewellery, stick to trainers and tie your hair back.
  • Think long term. You have multiple laps ahead, so plan your race accordingly.
  • Build up to full power, rather than going full-throttle from the start.
  • Never press down on the brake and accelerator at the same time.
  • Don't lean in when you take a corner.
  • Maintain your speed throughout the race and brake only when necessary.
  • Keep an eye on other drivers, especially the kart behind you.
  • Understand what the racing line is, and how to nail it to improve your lap time.
  • Learn how to overtake, so you don't get stuck behind slow drivers.

Kids can use their youth to their advantage too. Weighing significantly less than their Fathers, they'll be able whizz around the track much quicker, and it should be easier for them to control the kart too. Sorry parents, but the heavier you are the slower you'll be, and you'll need to pay extra attention to each and every turn to avoid sliding around the track!

We have tonnes of track-specific tips on our Go Karting Tips page as well. See if the track you're heading to is featured here.

For an unusual Father's Day gift, there's sure to be one of our go kart tracks near you.

We're expecting a huge influx of competitive Dads on the day too, so don’t forget to book in advance to make sure you secure your time on the track!