Treat Your Dad This Father's Day to an Exhilarating Gift

Family of Go-karters (Two Sons, and One Father)

Treat Your Dad This Father's Day to an Exhilarating Gift

Make it a Father’s Day to remember with an exhilarating gift at Team Sport. We understand Father’s Day can be a chance to plan a day of fun and quality time with your Dad. Whether you’re searching for your Dad’s present or a gift from your child to celebrate Father’s Day for your partner, we’re here to help you discover an unforgettable experience.

Go-karting suits all Dads who love the need for speed, thrive in a fast-paced environment and ultimately want to be the winner (it’s time for them to channel their competitive nature). You can combine their love for cars or an entertaining activity with a family day out, enjoying the thrill of go-karting together in one of our high-speed courses. 

The family competition is on, whether your Dad is new to go-karting or has plenty of practice. When we crown the winner, refresh in our bars for snacks and refreshments, recharging before you let your Dad nap from the go-karting fun.

Go-karting tips for Dads 

If you’re racing your Dad down the go-karting track, he and the rest of your family need to understand the safety of go-karting and our best tips before you zoom off. Before every go-karting session, our staff will guide you through the basics of operating the go-karts and driving safely on our tracks. 

We’ve shared some tips to enjoy the go-karting thrill, prepare for the day and perform well on the track - we know it’s Father’s Day, but it doesn’t mean your Dad won't welcome some healthy competition!

Safety precautions

  • Sit comfortably in your go-kart and relax your body.
  • Check you’re not wearing anything that could easily be damaged, such as jewellery.
  • Stick to a suitable dress code - trainers, comfortable clothing and hair tied back.
  • Never press down on the brake and accelerator at the same time.
  • Avoid leaning in when you take a corner.
  • Keep an eye on other drivers, especially the kart behind you.

Performance tips 

  • Race accordingly - pace yourself and think long-term when racing.
  • Build up to full power rather than going full-throttle from the start.
  • Maintain consistent speed, braking when necessary throughout the race.
  • Understand what the racing line is and how to nail it to improve your lap time.
  • Learn how to overtake, stopping you from getting stuck behind slow drivers.

Children may have a slight advantage over their parents. Being smaller and weighing less than Dads, they can whizz around the track and control the kart easier. Sorry to all the Dads on Father’s Day, as your child may come home with the gold.

The types of go-karting gifts for your Dad on Father’s Day

Booking an exhilarating gift for your Dad is what Father’s Day is all about. At Team Sport, we have various options to book a go-karting experience, from family go-karting to adult go-karting.

Family go-karting package

Ready set go - it’s time for some friendly competition with our ultimate family go-karting package. You can gift your Dad the present of quality time as a family and find out who is the fastest driver, racing each other on our various karting tracks!

Safety is the first port of call. We’ll give you a full briefing and provide the cool go-karting attire before you set off on the track. Our mixed racing sessions suit Father’s Day perfectly, as all the family can enjoy the tracks, including parents, older siblings and younger children. Don’t miss the chance to beat your Dad in a race!

Every session follows with a break where you can access personalised lap times, seeing who was the fastest and who needs to up their go-karting passion. 

Each family session includes:

  • A thorough safety briefing to ensure everyone is race-ready.
  • Up to 30 minutes of heart-pounding family karting action.
  • Personalised lap time data in your inbox via email or our free app.

Adult go-karting package

Our adult go-karting packages are for families with older kids (13+)who want an exhilarating experience with their Dad on Father’s Day. We have various options for adults seeking a serious adrenaline rush and a chance to win gold in the race.

Ultimate race experience

This experience is for older children who want to beat their Dad in the lap time, as you compete with each other to set the quickest lap times possible in 15-minute sessions. It’s the greatest experience to gain karting experience, beat your personal best and enjoy the thrill of racing.

This package includes:

  • Race-suit and helmet hire
  • Safety briefing
  • Up to 30 minutes worth of karting
  • Personalised lap times are emailed to you or available by downloading our free app
50 lap race

For older teenagers seeking an exhilarating experience with their Dads, this more extreme go-karting experience is for drivers 16 and over, keen to race against their Dads and other family members. The race involves drivers balling it out on the circuits with the chequered flag flying as soon as the first person crosses the finish line. As our longest AC race format in true F1 style, it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush and a chance to feel like a professional racer.

This package includes:

  • Race-suit and helmet hire
  • Safety briefing
  • Up to 50 laps of the track and trophies for the top three drivers

Contact us today to treat your Dad this Father's Day to an exhilarating gift at Team Sport. You can find a gift to suit your Dad or father to your children with our various packages. We expect many competitive Dads to race their hearts out on Father's Day, and we’d recommend booking in advance to secure your time on the track.