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Open Timed Race Sessions


Kids & Family Sessions

Looking for an activity the kids won’t stop talking about?

Our everyday Open Timed Race Sessions are the best way to get the kids karting out on the track whether it’s their first time, their favourite hobby or an all-weather experience for all the family to enjoy together! At TeamSport we’re all about providing the ultimate kids go karting experience ensuring guaranteed fun in a safe environment with a friendly crew always on hand to provide top tips and assistance whenever you need!

Who can race?

Our Cadet Karts are suitable for ages 8 years and upwards with a minimum inside leg measurement of 25 inches required in order to operate the karts safely. Our Adult Karts are suitable for ages 13 years and upwards with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches required. If all participants in the group require Adult Karts then they will be required to race in an adult racing session.

Kids and Family Open Timed Race Sessions allow kids to race on their own, with friends, siblings or parents, alongside other kids and families alike. So it’s entirely up to the parents if you wish to join in on the fun or watch the kids find their way on the circuit whilst you relax trackside.

What’s the format?

Once everyone is signed in and into their race-wear, a member of the team will welcome all karters into a short safety briefing. The safety briefing is a great chance for any karting beginners to make themselves known and ask our team anything you need to know before heading trackside, you’ll also be required to watch a short video explaining how the karts work, what will happen during your time on track and all the karting do’s and don’ts! Then once you’re all set, a member of the team will show you the way to the circuit where we’ll secure your helmets and allocate your karts to get ready to go. Open timed race sessions are based on practice laps so you are always racing against the clock in an attempt to set your best lap times. Each karting session is followed by a short rest break where you can check out your personalised electronically timed laps to see how you raced, and compare to others as well as learn some tips and tricks from our trackside crew or enjoy some refreshments!

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Safety briefing
- Personalised electronically timed lap print outs

How long is the experience?

At most tracks each session is 2x15 minutes long. At West London it’s 3x10 minutes and at Tower Bridge (Adult Karts only) it’s 3x8 minutes, while at London Docklands you can choose between 2x10 minute sessions from just £25 or 3x10 minutes from £35. Once all your sessions are up you can relax in our snack bar area with food and refreshments available or jump on the podium for some picture opportunities to take away with you! We recommend to allow 1.5-2 hours in total from arrival for your Open Timed Race Session experience depending on group size.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £20pp + balaclava purchase

Do I need to book?

Yes pre-booking is essential whether it’s in advance or on the day! You can book our Open Timed Race sessions online for individuals or small groups, to book groups of 8+ please give us a call or submit an enquiry.

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