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Cadet Academy at TeamSport

Our new Cadet Academy gives young drivers the chance to develop and enhance their skills and technique out on the track even if they have no previous karting experience. The sessions are available for ages 8-15* and will take place on a regular basis so you can make karting their favourite hobby!

The Academy runs in three stages from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced, each stage will be assessed throughout with driver criteria which needs to be met in order to proceed to the next stage. Once drivers have proceeded to Advanced Stage, they will then also have the opportunity to take part in Nationwide TeamSport Championship events against other TeamSport tracks.

Beginners Stage is available to all young drivers aged 8-15* with little or no experience of go-karting. If the young driver is a current #GRID member and meets the relevant Intermediate driver criteria then they will not need to attend Beginners Stage and will be instantly fast-tracked to Intermediate Stage.


Beginner Stage

Beginner Stage gives drivers the opportunity to learn their racing line, with tuition provided for braking points and kart control. Throughout Beginner Stage, drivers will be assessed on their abilities to allow them to progress with the opportunity to become a #GRID member and proceed to Intermediate level. The format of beginners stage is 3x10 minute time trials with tuition and assessment.



Intermediate Stage

As a #GRID member, intermediate stage will allow you to continue to enhance your technique out on the track with the chance to compete against other drivers. At intermediate stage, young drivers will be confident on the track with focus on setting competitive lap times and claiming podium spots. The format of intermediate stage is a 10 minute practice, 10 minute qualifying and a 10 minute grid started race.

#GRID members will receive 2 stamps on their loyalty card per session! This means that every 3 Cadet Academy sessions you attend, you'll get your 4th session free - just remember to claim your stamps at the track upon arrival!



Advanced Stage

For the confident young drivers who are consistently setting the fastest lap times, that have good racing line and kart control that have proven their abilities to be able to compete against other drivers of similar qualities. The format of advanced stage is a more competitive race event with a 10 minute practice, 10 minute qualifying and a 10 minute grid started race. Advanced drivers will also be invited to compete in Championship race events across TeamSport tracks. 


For more information on Cadet Academy or to book in for a session at your local track then just give us a call on 0844 9980 000. This event is currently not available to be booked online.


Important info:

- Sessions must be pre-booked.
- Racesuits and helmets are provided.
- Young drivers are required to have a #GRID Membership to proceed to Intermediate and Advanced stages, which is an annual cost of £19.95pp.
- 10% discount applies for all #GRID members
- #GRID member loyalty sessions can be redeemed on Cadet Academy.

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options

Please note that track times may vary across venues. Unfortunately Cadet Academy is not available at our location in Tower Bridge. 


Upcoming Dates:

EVERY SUNDAY, 10.30am arrival (All stages)

30th November, 6.15pm arrival
12th November, 11.00am arrival

29th November, 4.30pm arrival (Future Stars)

28th November, 5.30pm arrival


New dates coming soon!

29th December, 5.30pm arrival

New dates coming soon!

New dates coming soon!

North London
1st December, 5.00pm arrival

New dates coming soon!

New dates coming soon!

New dates coming soon!

4th December, 10.00am arrival
18th December,10.00am arrival

4th December, 3.45pm arrival
18th December, 3.30pm arrival



Between 9am -10am - £20 – MAX 20.
This is for Cadet drivers (in cadet karts, 8yrs -12yrs) it’ll run as 3 x10 open practice sessions
Cadet Grid members will receive tuition.

Between 10am -11am - £20 – MAX 20
This is for Junior drivers (in adult karts, 12yrs -16yrs) it’ll run as 3 x10 open practice sessions
Junior Grid members will receive tuition.


*All drivers must be at least 8 years old with a minimum inside leg measurement of 25 inches for our Cadet Karts. Ages 12+ with an inside leg measurement of 29 inches or above may be required to drive in our Adult Karts.



Call 0844 998 0000 For a quote or more information
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