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Kids Go Karting


What could be better for your youngsters than to enjoy karting fun in a safe and supervised, professional environment? TeamSport is the place to let your little racers let off steam and enjoy a great time whilst you cheer them on or take a well-earned rest or join in the fun on the track (you know you want to). 

Whether your budding track superstars are between the ages of 8 to 13 or you have teens from 13 to 16, bringing them to TeamSport gives you a chance to relax knowing that they are in safe hands. Or maybe you’d like to join in too and show that actually you’re the fastest member of the family...? Whatever your motives, you can depend upon our kids go karting to provide a great day out that will never be forgotten. So you’d better bring your camera along to capture that magic moment in case your kid (or your inner-kid!) beats everyone into pole position!

Kids Go Karting FAQ

Q) How old does my kid have to be to partake? A) Kids have to be aged over 8 years for our Cadet karts, and over 12 years for our Adult Karts. The minimum age for kids go karting at our London Tower Bridge & West London tracks is 12 years.

Q) Is there a minimum height requirement to race on the tracks? A) Children aged 8-12 years need to have an inside leg measurement of 25″ and adults and teens aged 13years plus need to have an inside leg measurement of 29″. We have no Junior Karts available at our London Tower Bridge & West London tracks and Minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches is required to race Senior Karts.

Q) Do the drivers need any previous karting experience? A) Nope, not at all, all drivers – kids and adults – receive a full safety brief prior to setting off on the tracks, plus our experienced and helpful staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Kids Go Karting - Kids Open Timed Race Sessions
Kids Open Timed Race Sessions

A chance for the family to literally go head to head and find out once and for all who is the fastest driver! With this kids go karting event you can go ahead and compare lap times and gloat over your victory, or vow to take the chequered flag next time round. Alternatively leave the kids to it while you enjoy viewing track-side.

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