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Adult Individuals & Adult Small Groups


Looking to improve your individual skills or battle it out with friends? Want to beat your personal best or simply get some laps under your belt? Here at TeamSport, we have an event to suit every need, meaning that beginners, groups and personal best-beaters are always welcome to test their mettle on the track.

If you’ve never stepped foot in a kart before, then you’re in for a treat. Our individual and small group events not only include a full safety briefing before you get out to race, but also include some expert tips from our TeamSport professionals to put into practice when you hit the track.

The events below are suitable for ages 13+, with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches required for adult karts. Prices stated are based on standard off-peak rates.

If you are a more experienced driver and fancy testing your skills against the very best, then why not sign up for our #GRID Membership and take full advantage of our monthly race meetings and annual championship.

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

Adult Individuals & Adult Small Groups - Open Timed Race Sessions
Open Timed Race Sessions

The perfect karting session for both seasoned pros & beginners, this karting format is ideal to get some laps under your belt, set a new personal best & have some fun! Individuals and small groups will head out on to the track from the pits in an attempt to set their fastest lap times in 8-15 minute sessions. Each session will be followed by a break where all drivers will receive personalised electronically printed out lap times before returning to the track to get even better!  

Includes: Safety Briefing, up to 30 minutes worth of karting, and electronically timed lap print-outs.

Prices start from £20pp. FIND OUT MORE

Adult Individuals & Adult Small Groups - 50 Lap Race
50 Lap Race

This open event is for drivers aged 16+ and allows you to race against mates in a group alongside other drivers or come along as an individual to meet some new competition. It's our longest individual race format in true F1 fashion, this race to 50 laps experience sees racers battle it out on the circuit with the chequered flag flying as soon as the first person crosses the finish line. The top three drivers will proceed to the podium to soak up the glory and claim their trophies.

Includes: Safety briefing, up to 50 laps of the track, and trophies for the top three drivers.

Book our 50 Lap race for just £40pp.  FIND OUT MORE

Adult Individuals & Adult Small Groups - Unlimited Karting
Unlimited Karting

This one’s for the karter who just can’t get enough. Our Unlimited Karting nights on Sundays and Bank Holiday Monday’s offers up to 50 minutes worth of track time. This social night is designed for keen karters to race it out with friends and other racing enthusiasts alike. Karters are split into groups that head out on to the track in 10 minute bursts whilst alternating between up to four other groups.Access to international track layouts at Crawley, Mitcham, Reading, Sheffield & Tower Bridge.

Includes: Safety briefing, up to 50 minutes worth of track time, and personalised electronic lap time print-outs

Prices from £30pp. FIND OUT MORE