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Team Challenge



Looking for an event where everyone’s involved?

This race format requires strategy and speed as your group will be divided into small teams to battle it out in a LeMans relay styled challenge. Nobody gets left out and all teams have the chance to take home the trophy, it’s all about timing, speed and transition. An awesome race experience for large groups celebrating together or some much needed team building!

Not available at Farnborough, Manchester, Tower Bridge or West London.

Who can race?

Team Challenges are available for ages 13+ with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches (adult karts) and groups must have a minimum of 16 or more drivers depending on track capacity at your desired location.

What’s the format?

After a short briefing, all groups will be divided into teams (picked by you or us) and allocated a team number. It’s up to each individual team to come up with their strategy for the race to be the team to complete the most amount of laps before the clock stops and the chequered flag is flown! All teams will get a quick practice familiarisation before the race begins, and then its non-stop racing. The top three teams to finish with the most amount of completed laps will find their place on the podium with trophies to take away!

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Safety briefing
- Exclusive track use
- Trophy presentation

How long is the experience?

Team Challenges are available in various timing formats from 45 minutes, to two hours! We can help you choose the right amount of endurance depending on your group size and budget! We asked all karters to arrive 40 minutes prior to the designated track time for registration and briefing.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £40pp + balaclava purchase

Do I need to book?

100%. All Team Challenges must be booked in advance, you can give us a call to arrange your date or submit an enquiry form today.

Tracks & Prices

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