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Adult groups of 8+


We all know someone who thinks he’s the next Lewis Hamilton – the same one who’s always bragging about personal-bests and ‘that time’ he claimed a famous karting victory back when Damon Hill was racing. Well, it’s no longer 1997, and there’s no time like the present when it comes to showing your friends who the real champion is.

Here at TeamSport, we understand that excitement has to finish in first place – which is why we’ve designed a whole range of events to keep things as exhilarating as possible for you and your friends. From F1 experiences through to knockout laps, time trials and qualifying heats, we guarantee to make your engine purr.

Tailoring our events for groups of 8 right through to a whopping 150, now is the time to grab your team and put pedal to the metal at your local track. Whether it’s a friendly get together, special occasion or a way to entertain, we’ve got plenty of race formats and top quality karting at great value! Planning for the festive season? Get the ball rolling with our Christmas karting party packages ideal for friends or colleagues. We’re used to seeing all sorts of groups take to the track, so if there’s something that you have in mind don’t hesitate to get in touch!

All of the below events are suitable for ages 12+ with an inside leg measurement of 29 inches required for our adult karts. Our from prices are based on off-peak sessions depending on your track location. All racewear is included except balaclavas which can be purchased on the day from 50p as well as footwear which must also be brought on the day – no party heels or open toes for this one!

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.



Adult groups of 8+ - Team Challenge
Team Challenge

Whether you’ve got 16 or 150 drivers, this endurance styled racing is all about strategy, pit stops and working together, with the team who completes the most laps taking the chequered flag! We run a series of races from 45 mins to 2.5 hours which can be tailored to your needs. Find out more

Team Challenge includes: Exclusive use of the track and trophies for the top three teams

Prices start from £40pp

Adult groups of 8+ - SUPER GRAND PRIX

Race through a series of qualifying heats, the higher you finish in each of the heats, the more points you get towards making the Grand Final! At the end of the race there is a podium award ceremony with trophies for the top teams/drivers so you can gloat to all of your mates! Suitable for groups of 16+. Find out more

Includes: Exclusive use of the track and a minimum of 21 laps per person.

Prices start from £40pp

Adult groups of 8+ - MINI GRAND PRIX

Groups can enjoy exclusive use of the track during the sessions which consist of a combined practice and qualifying to start then after a short break it’s onto the grid as karts are set up according to their qualifying times to battle it out lap by lap until the chequered flag is flown. Find out more

Includes: Grid-start race and up to 30 minutes worth of exclusive track use per driver.

Prices start from £30pp

Adult groups of 8+ - The Eliminator
The Eliminator

Karters will head to the track for a 5 minute practice followed by a 20 minute qualifying and then it’s pedal to metal for a 30 minute race. As it’s in the name, down to the last 5 minutes of the race every other lap the last driver will be removed from the circuit until it’s time for the last man standing to be crowned champion! Find out more

Includes: Up to 55 minutes worth of exclusive track use per driver and trophies for the top three drivers.

Prices start from £55pp

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