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Mini Grand Prix


Corporate Mini-Grand Prix Racing

Want to get the team together for some competitive racing?

Step away from your desks and into the driving seat with our awesome Mini Grand Prix Race experience. With guaranteed exclusive track use just for you, with groups big or small – this race format is perfect for those looking to get a couple hours out of work to blow off some steam and find out who’s really the boss! A popular event for social nights out when combined with our tasty Pizza and Drink catering packages too!

Who can race?

Mini Grand Prix are great for groups of 8 or more at our 400m circuits and 12 or more at our larger circuits. All participants must be able to race in our Adult karts which require a minimum inside leg measurement of 29 inches.

What’s the format?

Once all drivers have been registered, and are ready in provided race-wear, a member of our team will take you all through a short overview of karting with a safety briefing video. Once everyone is familiar with the rules of the track, you will head trackside to get into your allocated karts and enjoy the fun! The first session out on the circuit gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the track layout in some quick practice laps, to gradually pick up your speed and set the fastest laps you can in order to set a qualifying time. Once the time is up and chequered flag is flown, all drivers will head trackside to check out your laps and see who is the fastest of them all. After a short rest break, you’ll then head back to the pits with re-assigned karts lined up on the start grid in accordance to your fastest lap times, with the fastest driver up in pole position. Then it’s race time! This session is time to show off your competitive side as every driver races it out to claim that top spot before the clock runs out. First driver to cross the finish line first when the chequered flag is flown, claims that champion spot finishing on the podium with a trophy presentation for the top three drivers!

What’s included?

- Race-suit and helmet hire
- Safety briefing
- Exclusive track use
- Personalised electronically timed lap print outs
- Grid start race
- Trophy presentation for top drivers


How long is the experience?

At most tracks the experience includes 1x15 minute practice/qualifying sessions and 1x15 minute grid start race. At West London it’s 1x10 minute practice, 1x10 minute qualifying and 1x10 minute grid start race and at Tower Bridge it’s 1x8 minute practice, 1x8 minute qualifying and 1x8 minute grid start race. We recommend to allow 1.5-2 hours in total from arrival for your Mini Grand Prix experience depending on group size.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £30pp + balaclava purchase

Do I need to book?

All of our exclusive track use sessions require pre-booking to secure your space. Unfortunately this format cannot be booked online so please submit an enquiry form or give us a call today to arrange your event.

Tracks & Prices

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