The best corporate team building activities in London

9 November 2022

Team building days have been a popular corporate perk for decades. Colleagues and co-workers who normally only see each other on the other side of a desk get the chance to meet in a very different environment for a whole day or more. They usually involve lively, colourful pursuits designed to help them get to know each other a little better and deepen their working relationships. But where to go and what to do? There are so many possibilities in a big city like London, from the economic to the luxurious. Let’s explore a few of the best corporate event ideas London has to offer.

Cooking day out:

On a cooking day out, your employees will divide into teams and then compete in a series of kitchen challenges, cooking a variety of dishes under the supervision of professional chefs. A cooking-focused away day is an ideal choice if you want a team-building experience that really highlights the importance of close attention to detail and effective management. It will appeal, in particular, to employees who are fans of popular shows like MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off. The scavenger hunt A scavenger hunt is an outdoor event in which the participants compete to find a series of objects the fastest: anything from QR codes to coins. Alternatively, each team may be tasked with reaching certain locations or completing certain tasks within a certain timeframe. Typically each completed task is certified with a photo or video. Examples might include: ● Locations or objects that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet. ● Locating and buying a list of objects. ● Socially useful tasks like picking up litter. ● Deciphering a series of clues leading to particular locations. There are multiple possible variations - from selfie challenges to hikes - and scavenger hunts can even be modified to work via Zoom or Microsoft Teams for remote colleagues. If remote, participants might be tasked with collecting a series of photos or videos from their hometowns for presentation online, for example. Scavenger hunts are fast-moving, high-energy activities that can be a lot of fun. They really highlight the value of teamwork and collaboration.

Go on an augmented reality scavenger hunt:

This is a very 21st Century variation on the scavenger hunt: participants use augmented reality software - typically on a phone - to carry out the specified tasks. This adds an extra layer of immersion to the scavenger hunt and can make for a very rich experience. If you are interested in an augmented reality scavenger hunt for your employees, ensure the event organiser is safety-conscious. Augmented reality can be very distracting and so should not be used in or near areas requiring a person’s full attention - roads are the obvious example. Augmented reality, in which computer graphics and internet data are laid over video of the real world, has attracted an increasing amount of attention from software developers and tech giants in recent years.

Explore the River Thames on a kayak tour:

It’s all too easy, if you live in London, to take the Thames for granted. While it may occasionally loom outside an office or taxi window from time to time, it’s otherwise something to which we usually pay little attention. Why not change that by taking your more adventurous employees on a kayaking tour? Participants enjoy a completely fresh perspective on some familiar London landmarks, as well, of course, on the metropolis itself. This can be a real adventure for water-confident employees - but clearly, safety is paramount, so ensure that the kayaking company you hire has rigorous standards. Go Karting Go karts are small, one-person, four-wheeled vehicles used for racing. They come in many varieties, from simple, unpowered models that run on momentum and gravity, to fully motorised designs equipped with two- or four-stroke engines, for a big boost in speed and excitement. Go Kart racing is one of the most popular corporate away days. Most employees love racing around the tracks, seeing which of their colleagues they can be to the chequered flag and finish line. If you’re looking for a fully licensed, professional, safety-conscious go-kart operator, look no further than TeamSport. You can trust your colleagues will have the time of their lives.

Work together to complete missions in an escape room:

Escape rooms - also known as puzzle rooms or exit games - are an indoor event in which teams enter a specially designed space, and then work together to solve a series of puzzles and cryptic clues to achieve certain goals within a particular time frame - to reach the exit and leave, for example.

Typically the puzzles are sufficiently challenging to require solid teamwork, with each participant pooling their ideas. The relevance to collaborative projects in the office is clear. Escape rooms are a relatively recent innovation but there are already multiple venues across the capital offering variations. There’s bound to be one that suits you and your company.

Explore London on a guided bike tour:

London is one of the world’s great metropolis, dense with history and visitor-friendly attractions, from the Tower of London to the London Eye. A guided bike tour can make a very special day out for you employees. It offers the chance to revisit or discover for the first time many of these world-famous attractions, all while learning something of the capital’s rich history along the way.

Go for a strike at the bowling alley:

Bowling has been a popular pastime for centuries. It’s a very social sport, making it a simple and straightforward choice for team-building activities and corporate away days- and let’s face it, sending the ball whizzing down the lane to whack into those distant pins with a satisfying clunk is a whole lot of fun too!

Pub Olympics:

Pub Olympics is another more informal, relaxed option for team building and socialising with colleagues. While enjoying a drink or two, the participants compete in a series of traditional pub games such as foosball, table tennis, and darts. It’s a great away to let your employees blow off a little steam and relax after working hard all week.


Karaoke isn’t for everybody - you need a degree of confidence to get up on stage and let rip. But if your employees include karaoke fans, a special, team-building event based around the microphone can be a lot of fun for all concerned. But we do recommend not forcing anyone to sing!

Why London for corporate events?

Even if your company is not based in London itself, it can make a lot of sense to travel in any way. There is so much to see and do in the capital, so many events and opportunities, that you are bound to find the perfect venue for your special team-building event, one that perfectly suits your company and employees. When it comes to corporate days out London has it all.

Choose go karting for your team building activity in London:

For the very best in indoor go-karting in London, try Team Sport! We operate multiple venues across the country, including no less than five across the capital: in Docklands, Edmonton, Acton, Mitcham and Watford. Our corporate team-buidling events have earned rave reviews and a dedicated following. Call us today and get your colleagues excited for a team-building activity to remember.