How to plan a kid’s go-karting party

How to plan a kid’s go-karting party

21 May 2024

Planning a child’s birthday party means considering the activity, the guest list, the party bags and most importantly, creating the most fun for everyone invited, including the birthday person. 

As we’ve run many karting children’s parties, we understand how to organise a memorable experience and plan a day everyone will enjoy. Whether it’s a big birthday or your child wants to do a new activity, we’re on board to help with planning.


We know that a kid’s party means endless hours of entertainment, big smiles and making memories with family and friends. When planning the party, the first step is to write a list of everything you need to do, such as a guest list and organising the date.

Plan the date, time,  guest list and activity

The first part of any party planning process is the logistics,  the party date and the guests. Planning the date can help ensure everyone on your guest list is available and fits alongside other party plans for your child. 

Now it’s time for the activity, and a kid’s party means leaning into their favourite hobbies and passions, and if that’s go-karting, you’re in the right place. You can choose various types of karting parties or decide on other suitable activities, such as laser tag. Whatever the activity, knowing your decision can help work out your budget and time frame.

Research the event location

Choosing the go-karting venue is down to what the nearest indoor and outdoor track to you is and ensuring the location offers everything you’re after, from catering for the age-appropriate karts. We have venues across the UK, offering various packages suitable for every type of racer and birthday party.

Send invitations

The invitations are an opportunity to get creative, adding personality to each note. This can be a fun activity for kids, as they can paint or use stencils to make the invitations as unique as possible. When you're happy with the invites, send them out with enough notice for people to reply if they can attend.

Consider the party food and birthday cake

The best thing about every birthday party is the cake. We know kids love to blow out the candles and sing a ‘happy birthday’ song to the birthday person and eat all the sugar possible at parties. Kids are bound to work up an appetite, and you should consider the level of catering you’d like to provide, from a small lunchtime meal to picky foods where the children can choose what they want to eat. With many party packages, we include catering, and you’ll want to see if they match the food you’re looking to offer.

Plan the party bags and any extras on the day

Every child loves to walk away with a little gift after a party, and that’s why party bags are still a tradition many parties love to have. Planning the party bags doesn’t have to be a massive ordeal; just a couple of things the kids can take away, such as sweets, a mini toy, a slice of cake and a balloon. Other extras to consider on the day are if you need to pack the decorations or cater to someone with allergies.

Confirm all the last-minute party details

Before the party can begin, in the week leading up to it, it’s time to check all the details, such as timings, following up on those who haven’t RSVP, and the details are in place. Being organised means everything should go smoothly on the day.

Set up on party day

Party day is here! On the day, all you need to think about is packing the party bags and decorating the venue with personalised items, such as balloons and banners - and then let the chaos begin!

Kids In Go-Karting Gear At TeamSport

How CAN WE help plan a karting party?

Fear not - planning a go-karting party for your child doesn’t only fall on you; we’re here to help with our karting and party-planning expertise. 

At TeamSport, our team can help plan the dream party your kid will never forget. We’ll help choose a suitable track, organise the catering, perform the safety briefings and check everything is in place for the party.

Our go-karting kid’s parties:

Ultimate race experience for kids and families

Find out who the fastest racer is in the group between the birthday person and their families with the Ultimate Race Experience

Before your go karting birthday party begins, our team will give each racer a full safety briefing and suit them up in the racing gear before heading onto the track. 

These mixed sessions mean parents and older and younger siblings can celebrate and race together, from beginners to advanced levels, channelling their inner competitiveness. The game aims to get as many laps as possible to set your fastest lap. 

When the time is up, all karters return to the pits for a break and receive their lap times via our app or email and a list of tips and tricks when you’re next on the track.

This package includes:

  • Non-exclusive use of the circuit
  • Race-suit and helmet hire
  • Safety briefing
  • Up to 30 minutes worth of karting (2 x 15 minutes worth of race time)
  • Personalised lap times via email or our free app

Just for Kids Karting Party

We’ve created the ultimate private go-karting birthday party package for ten drivers aged 8-12. 

If your child loves the thrill of karting and a group of friends to celebrate their birthday with, this package has all the action-packed fun with only your group on the track. 

You can race each other, see who is the fastest racer and enjoy the unique experience of karting together. Every pre-teen will fall in love with karting!

To refuel, when the children have stepped off the track, they can enjoy the kid party food bundle. For £9pp, kids can choose any dish on our children’s menu, including one of our delicious waffles.

This party package includes: 

  • Exclusive use of the circuit
  • Safety briefing
  • Two 12-minute sessions in our specially designed Cadet Karts
  • Awards for best driver and fasts with medals and podium 
  • 10 drivers
  • Personalised lap times via email or our free app.

 All of our go-karting parties include:

  • A reserved table area for your party group
  • A gold race suit for the birthday racer
  • Full safety briefing for every racer
  • Our team provides support and supervision
  • Memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Contact our team today to book a go-karting party or if you need some assistance with party planning ideas.