Building a Winning Team with TeamSport

Go Karting for Team Building

12 April 2024

Build a Winning Team with Indoor Go Karting

If you’re figuring out the itinerary for your next corporate team-building day and need a fun activity to round it out, why not choose go-karting? Treating your employees to an afternoon of indoor go-karting is a unique and convenient way to bring the team together (and inspire a little healthy competition).

Here are the top five reasons why go-kart team building is the best choice for your next team day or corporate event. 

1. Go-Kart Team Building is a Breath of Fresh Air

Treating your employees to a few laps around a go-karting track is a great way to shake up your regular team day offering, keeping your employees on their toes! 

You can go through your regular team day agenda, and then follow it up with a fun and thrilling activity to make them feel rewarded and valued. Go-kart team building is truly an exhilarating twist on corporate expectations.

2. It Encourages Collaborative Working

There are a lot of team-building activities that work the opposite way to how they’re intended. Go kart team building, meanwhile, strengthens the bonds between your employees while building on soft skills like:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Imagine the possibilities! You can divide your employees up into random teams and have them split across multiple races, giving the win to the team with the lowest overall lap scores. Or you could have your departments face off on the race tracks to compete for the trophy. Watch your employees give each other go-karting tips and advice, communicate non-verbally and take control to secure the win - it’s inspiring to watch unfold!

3. It Encourages Going for Gold

If you want your employees to feel motivated to give it their all, there’s nothing like good competition to light that fire. 

Team days should get your employees reinvigorated and motivated to smash the next quarter’s revenue targets, and there’s no better way to inspire them to strive for excellence than with go-kart team building. 

4. Go Kart Team Building Improves Morale

On that note, what a way to get everyone excited about the next quarter! Team days have to walk the line between strategising and keeping things light and fun.

Go-karting is the perfect release after a day of hard work - it produces a rush of euphoric adrenaline, which in turn leads to the production of dopamine, aka the “happy hormone”, and endorphins. You can learn more about the health benefits of go-karting here.

After a session of go-kart team building, your employees will head home buzzed and excited for all the good things to come.

5. Go-Kart Team Building is Good for Everyone

Indoor go-karting is one of the most inclusive activities for a team day. Suitable for anyone, regardless of expertise (although you can check out our beginner’s guide to karting if you want to get an edge), it’s a brilliant way to bring a workforce of diverse ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds together.

Away from the politics of the office, go-kart team building puts everyone on neutral ground, and gets everyone involved in the fun!

Build a Winning Team with TeamSport

So why should you book your next team-building session at TeamSport?  

  • Good for large groups. We can accommodate 12-16 people on the track at one time, and have plenty of meeting spaces for larger groups to get together..
  • Exclusive venue hire if desired. While you can share the track with other racers if you wish, we also offer the option to hire out our venue for your next team day completely. Our staff will be on hand throughout the day to assist with whatever you need. Not to mention, we have several Go-Karting Offers to sweeten the deal such as:
  • 3 for 2
  • 10% off all online bookings
  • Group go-karting offers
  • Employees can get drinks at the bar. There are restaurants and bars in all of our venues, so employees are free to help themselves!
  • 30+ locations across the UK. If you’re in a town or city, chances are there is a TeamSport venue not too far away. We’re one of the most convenient options for team days.
  • Can include putt club or laser combat in your package. Depending on your location, you might be able to add a round of crazy golf or laser tag to your day’s itinerary! Check out the rest of our Additional Activities and the locations where they’re available.