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Following the latest Government advice; we have decided to temporarily close all TeamSport & ScotKart tracks and regional call centres until further notice.

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There’s a brand new track at TeamSport but where is it?


There’s a brand new track at TeamSport but where is it?

Try your luck in guessing the location of our newest track

That’s right folks, we’ve given you Tower Bridge and Bristol and now we’re giving you one more track to rack up those karting miles on!

We won’t tell you where it is just yet but I will give you ample opportunities to guess where it is located. Just head over to our Mystery Track page and start plugging away at towns and cities, who knows you might hit the nail on the head.

Each day we’ll be revealing a new location in which I’ve had my fantastic photo taken with a little part of the location in the background. Can you identify where I am from these pictures? Don’t worry It’ll get really easy!

Team Sport Mystery Track Facebook Page

The track location will be announced on Friday as well as a little something special regarding it, so check back each day for a new hint and then come back on Friday to find out what this something special is.

Happy Karting guys.

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