The Wanted and Radio 1 Battle it out at Team Sport

The showdown between The Wanted and Chris Moyles’s team


The hype surrounding this event had been building for a few days, as the great Radio 1 team would battle it out on the track with The Wanted

along with the winners of the Radio 1 competition. Once they had all got suited and booted it looked they were both about to battle it to the death… of course they weren’t actually going to battle it to the death but it makes it sound much more exciting right? Did you guys manage to catch up with any of the pre karting banter? Chris Moyles and his team have been talking about it for the past few days and had The Wanted on their breakfast show to discuss the upcoming event, I wonder why they never mentioned me? The venue was Team Sports newest track London Tower Bridge and the grand prix involved practices and a grand finale. The karteres were split into two teams of 8 so that it would make it easier to have a decent race. Kitted out with microphones and cameras it was possible to see and hear all the action that the guys were doing round the track. Needless to say it started to heat up as they all got the hang of it really quickly and started to become very much involved with the spirit of the competition.

As you can imagine, a great time was had by all and in the end it seems like the Radio 1 team took the victory but I’m sure it could have gone either way. There were a few flags ignored and a couple of speeding fines we'll need to catch up on but everyone went home in one piece with a great big smile planted on their faces. We’ll try and get some pictures up of event and maybe some video later so stay tuned. Next time, I think I’ll come down and show you all how it’s done properly, I’m the king of the track and I set the standard for greatness! Well, all the guys thought Tower Bridge was great fun, so I guess this means you will too. You should check it out yourselves and get booked in.