The Kart Champs finals are just around the corner

They’ve beaten the rest now it’s time for them to meet the best.


I say meet the best, but I’m not talking about me!

Having said that I have been thoroughly impressed with everyone’s time and effort that they have dedicated towards showing us how good they really are. The lap times were blisteringly fast, the tension was so thick not even a knife could cut it and the racing was so intense the karts were screaming. A big congratulations to all of you, you all thoroughly deserve to win this, but only 1 can be crowned champion and it’s time to find out who.

What does this all mean?

We now have the times of our fastest karters, now that the semi-finals are over, who have earnt their place amongst the best karters from every other track. They will all be invited to the Kart Champs Grand final held at Crawley International circuit, which will play host to both the junior and senior finals and the prize presentations afterwards. The event will be held on Sunday 31st of October, incidentally the same day as Halloween, but remember it’s bad luck to be superstitious. For the juniors, you should arrive at Crawley for 2pm for the safety briefing and the event will finish at 5pm including prize ceremony. Then the senior finals will take place with their safety briefing beginning at 5pm and the prize ceremony finishing at 10pm.

Those prizes sound exciting Bruce!

Indeed they do, for the lucky winner of the senior prize you’ll look forward to having a fantastic trip for two to Turkey for 1 week, worth over £1000 pounds. The junior prize for first place is a 1 week’s holiday for the whole family to Centre Parks, worth over £1000. For more information on the prizes and the runners-up prizes just visit the Kart Champs Finals page. Remember to confirm your place; if we don’t hear from you, your place will be given to the next driver on the list.