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TeamSport announces new Brighton track design


TeamSport announces new Brighton track design

Brighton track design is ready!

Thanks to the great design work from Rob McGeown, we have an amazing track that is looking fast, tricky and loads of fun!

Due to building restrictions and a lack of space, the design has had to evolve a little from the original work Rob created, but the result is one of the most exciting racing circuits we have seen.

The essence of the award winning design has not been lost, nor have the great features that were proposed. It is getting everyone at TeamSport excited and itching to get in the driving seat - even the TeamSport Directors are imagining their first race:

“[The flyover] is a great opportunity to get up the inside of someone before hitting the down ramp & then the back hairpin - guaranteed overtaking opportunity!” Dominic Gaynor, TeamSport Company Director.

Rob’s flyover, which snakes left and right, is a great feature of the design and has huge potential for thrilling overtaking manoeuvres. This track presents plenty more overtaking opportunities than this, however.

The sweeping double apex allows great duels between karters looking to either overtake or hold their position. Those in front will need to stay on their toes as this combination of corners can offer the perfect set up for a pass – as long as they hit a sweet line. Hairpins always offer great places to overtake and the winning design made great use of some right in the middle of the track. We loved it so much we’ve included several more too.

On top of all of this, an extra treat has been added to the design – a Monaco style tunnel! What is better than hitting the perfect line around a hairpin and getting up the inside of the kart in front? Doing it all just before entering the tunnel so you come zooming out in the lead - as well as into the sunshine. Amazing!

But wait! The best news is still to come. The building work taking place to get everything ready is ahead of schedule and the track can be opened even earlier than planned!

TeamSport Brighton will open on:

22nd OCTOBER 2011

That isn’t long to wait! You will be able to test these overtaking opportunities and experience the excitement of this track in no time at all. Make sure you book early to take advantage of this early opening – you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to get in the driving seat!

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