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NEW! Remote Control Go-Karting From Team Sport


NEW! Remote Control Go-Karting From Team Sport

Want to go Karting with your mates but can’t make it?

Karting is about to step a whole other level into the future with the introduction of Remote Control Karting.

If you’re stuck at work or ill at home and can’t make it to your favourite Team Sport Go Karting track that you booked weeks ago then we have just the tool for you.

>>Playstation  Controller Pad Integration Coming Soon!!!

What is Remote Control Karting?

It’s a brand new feature we’ve just introduced after some seriously hard work from our development team and customer feedback.

Simply log-on to Team Sports Remote Karting application during the allotted time of your go Karting session and we’ll have set aside a specially modified Go Kart, fully equipped with High Definition WebCam with streaming capabilities and our unique Remote Karting Management System or RKMS as we like to call it. The RKMS will enable you to take control and steer the Kart round our track from the comfort of your home.

A fast broadband of 2Mbps or higher is recommended for a quality experience.

How Does the RKMS Work?

The RKMS effectively takes control of one of our specially modified Go Karts exclusively at Tower Bridge (but we are working on getting some Remote Karts set-up at other tracks in the near future)

You’ll be able to steer, accelerate and brake just like you would if you were in a normal Go Kart so you can feel like you’re in the race with your mates. If you have a photo uploaded to your Team Sport membership page we can even print it off and stick it to the kart so all your mates will know it’s you.

We can only provide this unique experience on our electric Eco-Karts because of integration issues with the petrol Karts.

Where can I sign up for this experience?

As Long as you have a Team Sport membership the tool will shortly become available to you through your now personalised web interface, simply log into your area (we are currently sending out emails to all members on how to do this) and click the link* to ‘Remote Karting’

*Note: This link will become active after lunchtime today. Check Facebook regularly for when Bruce announces it!

Call 01252 732300* For a quote or more information