New Karts Arrive At Camberley

Camberley Carting Chaos


The Guys at Camberley have gone Crazy! They ripped up the the track and threw all of the old karts in the skip...

Have no fear though, they had a plan all along! The track has been re-designed and a load of Brand new, state of the art karts have been delivered! Admittedly, the tyres on one of them are not so new after i went for a quick spin and bedded them in a bit - well you cant blame me can you? SO, get yourself down to Camberley soon to be one of the first on the new track and see if you cant get that early fastest lap time! The guys are even suggesting a limited offer of £5 off untill the end of March, but be quick as i thnk this one might take off! Just mention the code:BrucesBonuswhen you book and they will fix up the offer for you!