Katie Price Takes To Team Sports Crawley Track

Team Sport have been blessed with the presence of Katie Price


On a rather gloomy afternoon nothing could cheer up the folks more at Team Sports Crawley track than the appearance of Katie Price

and her huge passion for racing. It was really a no-brainer for Katie and her friends for a great afternoon of adrenalin-inducing fun. It just goes to show that even the A-list celebrities need to take an afternoon off, and what better way to do it! With a testament to her streamlined racing skills she propelled herself into a podium finish to snatch the bronze trophy up and add to her collection of impressive awards. What Katie lacks in karting knowledge she certainly makes up for intimidating racing, edging out the competition and showing how the girls can truly be queen of the track. The Crawley track is the flagship circuit from Team Sport with 3 floors of awesome go karting exhilaration and she definitely had a good time chasing down her new man who finished first ahead of Katie’s friend. We look forward to seeing her get her kit back on for further sessions of karting speed in the future but in the mean-time she’s racing away from the paparazzi and leaving them in her dust trails.