KartChamps 2013

KartChamps 2013


Starting today - the annual TeamSport Kart Champs championship returns, identifying some of the finest amateur karting talent in the UK!

Earlier this year, between 1st May and 30th June each TeamSport track (excl Tower Bridge) held a Qualifying period where their local drivers were submitting their best lap times, with the aim of making the top handful from their track representing at the final. The finals starting this week are free for all competing finalists, are held at the London Tower Bridge Track!* In the run-up to the events we approached some of the Finalists to get their views...

How did you get into Karting?

Chris Brown - "I only became involved in Karting when my cousin invited me to his stag weekend back at the end 2011, which involved 30 minutes of track time at Teamsport Camberley. I loved it (I have a competitive nature) and I was instantly hooked. I signed up as a member that day and attended my first unlimited event the week after. I have never looked back (Literally I don’t look back, I don’t want anyone chasing me to think I am worried haha)."


Allan Curtis - "I really enjoyed karting at corporate events over the last 30 years and recently I've taken up karting up as a more serious hobby. Arrive and drive facilities work well for me, I can focus on my business and just turn up without the need for hours of preparation and lugging kit around."


Aaron Cornick -  "I used to come to the Teamsport camberley track every year for my birthday but last winter I started going Down the track more regular (3-4 times a week at my peak) I enjoyed the challenge enter members events and getting the fast lap times. I even travelled further out to try other Teamsport tracks..."


What would winning KartChamps 2013 mean to you?


Mel Daddow - "A lot, being one of the only girl karters, it's been great to give the boys a bit of alternative competition and proves not all girls are rubbish drivers ha ha"


Ben Churchill - "Winning KartChamps would be unbelievable, but just being in the final against some of the best in the country would be awesome!"


Joe Salmon – “Hannah [Salmon] would be over the moon and would be smiling for weeks! Hannah has talent and a real chance and will be putting some serious pressure on the boys so look out guys!”


Allan Curtis - "Winning the KartChamps 2013 would be a great feeling - there are some seriously good drivers entered and whilst taking part will be fun everyone competing knows that winning is the real prize!"

Aged 8-12 Junior Karts – Camberley 6th August


Aged 13-16 Adult Karts – London Tower Bridge 5th August


Aged 17+ over 80kg Adult Karts – London Tower Bridge 12th August


Aged 17+ under 80kg Adult Karts – London Tower Bridge 19th August

Whom from motorsports do you admire/look up to?


Chris Brown - "Coming from a British Touring Car Championship background I naturally have a few heroes in the paddock. I want to say Paul O’Neill but he is a friend and it will only make his head swell, but he is a brilliant racer, instructor and very well liked. I think it has to be Jason Plato though, he is actually a really nice bloke and can pretty much put anything he is given on the podium – or break it trying!"


Joe Salmon - "I admire and look up to Ayrton Senna da Silva a true legend never to be forgotten - I saw him race at Silverstone four times."


Allan Curtis - "Mark Webber is a driver I admire, I believe he has a fantastic combination of skills complimented with great determination to never give up no matter the circumstances - a reflection of my approach to life and driving."

So let us know in the comments below - Who do you think will be walking away with a KartChamps 2013 title? *Aged 8-12 Junior’s Final is raced at the Camberley track **Mini Challenge Race Day experiences are for drivers aged 17yrs and above and must hold a valid driving licence, any younger drivers will receive the Tuition and membership prize instead.