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I Saw Lewis Hamilton at Goodwood Festival of Speed


I Saw Lewis Hamilton at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Not even horse tranquilisers could subdue my excitement

I’ve just got back from Goodwood Festival of Speed

and I really didn’t want to leave. If left to my own devices I would have starting queueing for next year’s event straight away, making every single second count.

This year’s Festival of Speed met and surpassed every expectation of mine, which is rather impressive, and everyone I met and spoke to as well. It was a feature rich event that I doubt even Dr. Who could have managed to see it all. There was something for everyone, watching legendary cars hurtle up the Hillclimb and doing 360 handbrake turns in front of Lord March’s house to Formula 1 cars burning rubber.

On show in their respective manufacturer showrooms were the latest models and concept cars, some making their World/UK debut. Just having the privilege of being able to sit inside some of those luxurious cars was worth the trip. Also I’m really glad the weather was so hot otherwise you would have surely seen me drool as I ambled round the Sunday Times Supercar Paddock. Seeing the Bugatti Veyron 12 feet from a Pagani Zonda and neighboring other spectacular supercars was just awe inspiring.

There wasn’t a time when there wasn’t anything to do or see, searching the skies for the Red Arrows stunt team while keeping an eye on the track to watch stunt bikers performing amazing tricks involving standing on the handlebars, etc.

The Forest Rally Stage showed off the talent of some of the Worlds finest rally cars and drivers with Alan Davies having a go as passenger, that must have been fantastic. Getting close and personal with the cars in the Rally Paddock as they fired up and purred like a 2 ton kitten was like music to my ears.

To top it all off I saw Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Stirling Moss, Adrian Newey, Mika Hakkinen and a host of other racing superstars, legends, and general racing masters, and if I had had a pen then I would have let them have my autograph.

The pinnacle of the event came on Sunday when the the top 20 drivers to set times on the Hillclimb raced again to set the best time they could, with Roger Wills in the Williams-Cosworth FW05 becoming victorious with a time of 47.15. The car from 1976 (pictured above) really packed a punch and set a fantastic time almost 3 seconds clear of second place who got 50 seconds dead on.

I have to add now, If you didn’t go, you missed out on possibly one of, if not the best weekend of glorious sun, amazing car displays and good ol’ fashioned fun.

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