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Following the latest Government advice; we have decided to temporarily close all TeamSport & ScotKart tracks and regional call centres until further notice.

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Birmingham New Karts


Come and test these little beauties out...

New karts have arrived at our Birmingham venue and we are all VERY excited about them! They are the latest spec of kart produced by our kart partner BIZ, the EVO 3rd generation karts have 200cc engines and the latest steering geometry making them easier to handle and much more agile! Track staff and customers are already raving about the new fleet! 

Check out what the Regional Operations Manager, Russ Mabley has to say about the latest arrivals at the track:

"The whole team at Teamsport Birmingham are extremely excited about the arrival of the new fleet of Karts. Not not only are they brand new, but the are the latest specification of Kart from BIZ Kart which is the largest provider of Indoor Karting equipment in the UK. What makes these karts extra special is that they have used the latest steering technology making them super responsive to the driver and very fast. Despite the fact that they have only been running for a few days and the tyres are still bedding in they have already set a lap time of 43.8 around our Birmingham circuit which is already as fast as the previous fleet that they replace."

"The marshals have already reported that they are very rewarding to drive and they are extremely responsive... and at the moment we are struggling to get the Marshals off them which is a great sign that they are the best Karts that we have ever had"

Jump in and take them for a spin with our amazing £20 offer that is running for the 1000m multi-level Birmingham venue at the moment!!

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