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Up coming Southampton #Grid Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

#GRID Top Gun - £35pp
~ Names out of a hat ~ 1 hour straight race ~

28th December, 6:30pm arrival
15th February, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Mario Kart - £99 per team
4th January 2018, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Indy - £35pp
18th January 2018, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Cops & Robbers - £35pp
30th January 2018, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID 342 - £30pp
2nd February, 8pm arrival
23rd February, 8:15pm arrival

#GRID Triathlon Series - £35pp per round, £90pp for all three rounds
~ 10 minute qualifier ~ 15 minute grid-start (fastest lap) ~ 15 minute grid-start (smallest difference between fastest lap and average lap) ~ 15 minute rolling start (most laps within time given) ~

8th February, 7:30pm arrival [part one]
8th March, 7:30pm arrival [part two]
12th April, 7:30pm arrival [part three]

#GRID Unlimited - £31.50pp
11th February, 5pm arrival
25th February, 5pm arrival

#GRID Odyssey - £35pp
~ 5 minute practise to decide grid positions ~ 30 minutes karting, standard track ~ 30 minutes karting, reverse track ~

26th February, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID TC120 - £99 per team
New dates coming soon!

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book!

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