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Member Events at Liverpool

Upcoming Liverpool #GRID Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

Wednesday Club - £20pp
7th June, 7.20pm arrival
5th July, 7.20pm arrival

30 Minute Sprint - £25pp
New dates coming soon!

60 Minute Sprint - £36pp
New dates coming soon!

Unlimited Karting - £36pp
Every Sunday, 5.00pm arrival

Eliminator - £35pp
19th April, 6.45pm arrival

Chase The Ace - £35pp
18th May, 7.20pm arrival
22nd June, 7.20pm arrival
20th July, 7.50pm arrival

Indy Kart - £35pp
22nd June, 7.20pm arrival

#GRID Cadet & Junior Grand Prix - 30pp
New dates coming soon!

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