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Member Events at Liverpool

Upcoming Liverpool #GRID Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

Unlimited Karting - £36pp
Every Sunday, 5.00pm arrival

#GRID First Wednesday Club - £20pp
~ In the style of a TC60 ~ Each member will arrive and place their name in a hat and will be drawn out in pairs to decide the teams ~

3rd January, 7pm arrival
7th February, 7:30pm arrival
7th March, 7:30pm arrival
4th April, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID GP2 - £35pp
~ 10 minute qualifying ~ followed by a 35 minute feature race ~ mandatory pit stop ~ 10 minute sprint race with a reverse grid ~

18th January, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Weight Watchers - £35pp

Let's take weight out of the equation!

~ 10 minute qualifying ~ followed by 40 minute race ~ Then all results are put into the weight calculator and everyone's race times re-adjusted to where everyone's weight is the same ~

22nd February, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Chase The Ace - £35pp
~ 10 minute qualifying ~ followed by a 45-minute sprint with "The Ace" starting from pole ~

22nd March, 7:45pm arrival

#GRID Indy 500 - £35pp
~ Indy 500-style qualifying with grid positions decided on average lap times over 4 hot laps ~ followed by a 45 minute race from the grid with mandatory pit stops and a pace car when the track goes to yellow ~

19th April, 7:30pm arrival

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book

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