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Following the latest Government advice; we have decided to temporarily close all TeamSport & ScotKart tracks and regional call centres until further notice.

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Gosport Member Only Events

Upcoming Gosport #Grid Events

Member Events at TeamSport Gosport

#GRID Events are announced at least a month in advance and can fill up fast so keep an eye out for new events either below or at the track.

You can also keep up-to-date with all TeamSport goings-on through our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages!

Should you require any assistance or need any questions answered about your membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Check out our current member's top times on our Hot Lap Leaderboards to see what you're aiming for!

Not sure how your competition always seems to pip you to the post every time? Check out our extensive collection of Track Tips to see which technique you need to tweak.

We look forward to seeing you all on The #GRID!


Upcoming Gosport #GRID Events

#GRID Social 342 Event - £30pp
~ Buy 2x 15 minute sessions - get 1 free! ~ #GRID Members compete against each other with our popular 3 for 2 offer ~ All sessions are for best laptimes ~

Friday 20th March 2020, 7:30pm arrival
Sunday 22th March 2020, 5:45pm arrival
Sunday 29th March 2020, 6:15pm arrival
Sunday 5th April 2020, 6:15pm arrival
Friday 10th April 2020, 7:15pm arrival
Sunday 12th April 2020, 6:15pm arrival
Friday 17th April 2020, 7:30pm arrival
Sunday 19th April 2020, 6:15pm arrival
Friday 24th April 2020, 7:45pm arrival
Sunday 26th April 2020, 5:45pm arrival

#GRID Club Mini GP Plus Event - £40pp
15 minute practise ~ 15 minute qualifying ~ 15 minute grid-started race ~ #GRID Members compete for position in this classic race format

Friday 27th March 2020, 7:45pm arrival
Wednesday 8th April 2020, 8:00pm arrival
Wednesday 13th May 2020, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Club 50 Lap Race - £25pp
~ #GRID Members compete against each other in our popular 50 Lap Race Event ~ 5 practise laps and a non-stop race ~ compete to be the first driver to complete 50 laps ~ ~

Tuesday 31st March 2020, 7:30pm arrival
Monday 6th April 2020, 6:45pm arrival
Monday 13th April 2020, 7:00pm arrival
Monday 27th April 2020, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Club GP2 - £33.30pp
~ 10 minute practise ~ 15 minute qualifying ~ 30 minute grid-started race ~ drivers must complete a kart change during the race in a pit stop ~

Thursday 2nd April 2020, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Elite Chase the Ace - £33.30pp
~ 5 minute practise ~ a one-shot hot lap qualifier ~ 45 minute grid-started race ~ the "Ace" either starts on pole position or where they qualify ~ the winner is the karter who clocks up the most laps ~ the winner becomes the "Ace" who races free on the next event ~

Thursday 2nd April 2020, 8:30pm arrival
Wednesday 29th April 2020, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Club NeedFourSpeed - £33.30pp
~ 4x 15 minute races ~ randomised starting grid positions ~ all four races are stand-alone competitions with separate presentations for each ~

Wednesday 8th April 2020, 8:00pm arrival
Thursday 23rd April 2020, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Elite Top Gun - £33.30pp
~ 1 hour grid-started race ~ kart and grid positions picked at random ~ no practise or qualfying ~

Wednesday 15th April 2020, 8:00pm arrival

#GRID Social Unlimited Karting - £33.30pp
~ #GRID Members compete against each other in our popular Unlimited Karting format ~ Minimum of 5x 10 minute sessions ~ with a 30 minute break between each race session ~

Sunday 10th May 2020, 6pm arrival
Sunday 24th May 2020, 6pm arrival
Sunday 7th June 2020, 6pm arrival
Sunday 21st June 2020, 6pm arrival

#GRID Elite Last Kart Standing - £40.70pp
~ 15 minute qualifier ~ 45 minute race ~ after 30 minutes of the race, the driver who is in last place at the end of each lap is black flagged ~ the winner is the only driver left to take the chequered flag ~

Wednesday 27th May 2020, 7:30pm arrival

*New format* Cadet Academy - £31.50pp (Members), £35pp (Non-Members)
~ For the future young stars of the track ~ Check out TeamSport Gosport's Cadet Academy page for more dates and information ~

Held on the last Thursday of every month

Contact us now for more information or to book! Pre-booking is essential to ensure these Member Only Events are not cancelled due to low participation numbers.