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Cardiff Member Only Events

Upcoming Cardiff #Grid Events

Member Events at TeamSport Cardiff

#GRID Events are announced at least a month in advance and can fill up fast so keep an eye out for new events either below or at the track.

You can also keep up-to-date with all TeamSport goings-on through our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages!

Should you require any assistance or need any questions answered about your membership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you all on The #GRID!


Upcoming Cardiff #GRID Events

#GRID Touring Kart - £35pp

18th January, 7:45pm arrival
8th March, 7pm arrival

#GRID Winter Series - £30pp
[Round 1] *complete*
25th January, 7pm arrival [Round 2]
8th February, 7:15pm arrival [Round Three]
22nd February, 6:45pm arrival [Round Four]
15th March, 7pm arrival [Round Five]
29th March, 7pm arrival [Final]

Cadet Academy - £27pp
~ 2 x 15 minute sessions with tuition ~ For the future young stars of the track ~ Check out our Cadet Academy page for more information ~

28th January 2018, 12pm arrival
11th February, 12:15pm arrival
25th February, 12pm arrival
11th March, 12pm arrival
25th March, 12pm arrival

#GRID Unlimited - £27pp
~ 5 x 10 minute sessions ~

15th February, 6:30pm arrival
22nd March, 6:30pm arrival

Junior Race Night! – £27pp

Practice, qualifying and a race, a great opportunity for our young racing stars to come and improve their racing!

New dates coming soon!

Adult and Cadet Race Night – £27pp (£50 for parent & child combo)

Practice, qualifying and a race, a great opportunity for parents and kids to compete together!

New dates coming soon!

#GRID Members Race Night – £27pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID F1 - £35pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Grand Prix 4 Race of the Year - £30pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Team Sprint - £30pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Top Gun - £35pp
New dates coming soon!

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book!

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