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Bristol Member Only Events

Upcoming Bristol #Grid Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options

#GRID Track Attack - £31.50pp (members), £35pp (non-members)
3rd January, 7:00pm arrival
7th February 2018, 6:45pm arrival
7th March 2018, 7pm arrival

#GRID CLUB Series - £30pp
9th January 2018, 7:30pm arrival
13th February 2018, 7:30pm arrival
13th March 2018, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Members Curated Event - £30pp
16th January 2018, 7:30pm arrival
20th February 2018, 7:30pm arrival
20th March 2018, 7:30pm arrival

#GRID Daytona - £27pp
21st January 2018, 2pm arrival
18th February 2018, 2pm arrival
18th March 2018, 2pm arrival

Bristol Indoor Karting Trophy [BKIT 2018]

#GRID BIKT-1 - £35pp
24th January 2018, 8:15pm arrival
28th February 2018, 8:15pm arrival
28th March 2018, 8:15pm arrival

#GRID BIKT-2 - £35pp
24th January 2018, 6:45pm arrival
28th February 2018, 6:45pm arrival
28th March 2018, 6:45pm arrival

#GRID BIKT Junior - £30pp
28th January 2018, 8:15am arrival
11th February 2018, 8:15am arrival
25th February 2018, 8:15am arrival
11th March 2018, 8:15am arrival
25th March 2018, 8:15am arrival

#GRID Indy Series (Elite) - £35pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Indy Series (Club) - £35pp
New dates coming soon!

Call 0844 998 0000* for more information or to book

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