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Bristol Member Only Events

Upcoming Bristol #Grid Events

Balaclava is mandatory, available for purchase - click here for details


[Adults] - £35pp
4th July, 7.15pm-10.15pm
19th July, 7.45pm-10.45pm
1st August, 7pm-10pm
9th August, 7.15pm-10.15pm
15th August, 7pm-10pm
23rd August, 7pm-10pm

[Cadets] - £35pp
4th July, 6.15pm-7.15pm
19th July, 6.45pm-7.45pm
1st August, 6pm-7pm
9th August, 6.15pm-7.15pm
15th August, 6pm-7pm
23rd August, 6pm-7pm

Will you be the next Champion?

#GRID F2 Series
25 min race one + 15 minute race two

Price: £30.00 #GRID // no non-#GRID // no loyalty or birthday redemption
Date: Wed 12 Jul
Time: 19:15

#GRID Iron Man
2hr individual race

Price: £99.00
Date: Wed 26 Jul
Time: 19:30

To find out more information or to secure your spaces then just give us a call on 0844 9980 000*!

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