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Up coming Brighton #Grid Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options

#GRID Unlimited Night, just £36pp!
14th May, 5.00pm arrival
21st May, 5.00pm arrival
28th May, 5.00pm arrival
11th June, 5.00pm arrival
25th June, 5.00pm arrival
9th July, 5.00pm arrival
23rd July, 5.00pm arrival

26th June, 7.00pm arrival

#GRID NERF Racer, £40pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Mansell Race Night!, £40pp
26th July, 7.00pm arrival

Chase the Ace - £40pp!
17th May, 7.30pm arrival

Members 3-4-2 - £33pp
26th May, 8.45pm arrival

#GRID Members club night – £36pp
10th May, 7.30pm arrival
7th June, 7.30pm arrival
12th July, 7.30pm arrival

BTSK GP6 - £40pp
New dates coming soon!

Call 0844 998 0844 for more information or to book

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