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Member Events at Birmingham

Upcoming Birmingham #Grid Events

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options

#GRID Super GP - £29.99pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Mini Grand Prix Plus – £29.99pp
9th November, 7.30pm arrival

#GRID  SOCIAL NIGHT – £27pp (Members) £30 (Non-Members)
5 x 10 minute race sessions per driver, max 3 groups of drivers so less waiting time than a normal unlimited event & you can bring along a friend too!
20th October, 7.30pm arrival
24th November, 7.30pm arrival

Extended Premier Exclusive race format.
New dates coming soon!

#GRID TOP GUN – £29.99pp
6th October, 7.00pm arrival

#GRID  TRACK ATTACK – £29.99pp
New dates coming soon!

#GRID Team Challenge 60 - £55.00 per team
Teams of 2 drivers, 10 minute practice, 60 minute non-stop race
Max 14 teams
New dates coming soon!

#GRID KIDS CLUB/RACE EVENTS - £20pp/£24.99pp
max 16 drivers
3 x 10 minute races with tuition from our race directors on the day.
Every Sunday - call for times

All old Raceway members will receive their new Grid memberships!

Call 0844 998 0844 for more information or to book

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