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The #Grid Member Only Events

To navigate directly to your preferred venues Grid Member dates page on mobile simply select the track from the 'Take me to' drop-down above. Desktop users please find the list of tracks to select from down the right-hand side of this page.

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Take part in exclusive member only events. We have a whole new set of events that will be running each month and to test your full range of driving skills these will vary each month and will also vary across each of the tracks! Team nights, member only Unlimited Nights, Grand Prixs and Beat Bruce events are just a taster of what you can look forward to taking part in.

Wearing a balaclava is now mandatory. Click here for purchase options.

The #Grid Events Area

Please select the location you would like to race at to see what #Grid events we have coming up and the dates, times and costs of each one!

Here’s a taster of a member only event…

Chase The Ace

A challenging endurance race over 45 minutes with limited drivers on the track so you can really put your pedal to the metal. Take on your fellow #Grid members and find out who is ‘The Ace’!

  • Max 12 drivers (14 drivers at Bristol)
  • Run over 1hr
  • 5 min practice for all drivers
  • One F1 hot lap per driver to get best lap time for your #Grid positioning!
  • 45 minute endurance grid started race