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Go Karting Tips - Dundee

Go Karting Tips - Dundee

Are you ready for 400m of awesome, adrenaline-packed fun Dundee? Our Multi-Level track is perfect for any karter, young or old, beginner or pro, and today we're going to teach you how to complete it at personal best breaking speed.

First time or fiftieth, it doesn't matter - the track at ScotKart Dundee powered by TeamSport is perfect for karters of all abilities. Karters of all levels can benefit from  this flying lap guide, which we hope will give you the confidence to take on our track and claim your place at the top of the podium.

If you really want to impress your fellow racers with your newly found or newly honed skills, check out our flying lap video above. Our experienced ScotKart driver will show you exactly how to take on the Dundee track at full speed with amazing precision, so you can wow your opponents on race day!

Combat the Chicane

After the second hairpin, you'll come up against a chicane. Go flat out - there's no need for braking here - and nail the manoeuvre like a pro. 

Power through the chicane:

  1. The chicane's coming up. Push out wide to ensure you have enough room.
  2. Don't be scared, go full throttle!
  3. As you turn, lift off the accelerator (but try to resist the urge to touch the brakes).
  4. Hug the barrier, getting as close as you can without touching it.
  5. Turn your steering wheel sharply to turn in, then aim for that apex (corner)!
  6. As your kart comes through the bend, put your foot back down on the accelerator.
  7. Use the full width of track as you exit the chicane. You've smashed it!

Fearlessly take on the Fast Right-Hander

Taking on a right-hander can be daunting, especially when you need to do it quickly. Just remember, maintaining your speed is the key if you're determined to finish with the quickest lap time.

Master the fast right-hander:

  1. Foot to the floor. Fast right-handers need speed, and lots of it!
  2. Turn your steering wheel sharply to trigger the drift.
  3. Lift your foot off the accelerator (without touching the brakes) to slow down the kart slightly.
  4. Stick tight to the apex (corner) before straightening up.
  5. Use the full width of track to finish your cornering manoeuvre. When your kart is in the centre of the track and facing forwards, accelerate away - easy!

Itching to practise (or show off!) your new-found driving skills at our Dundee venue? Race your mates, colleagues or even family members and enjoy hours of fun? Then book your ScotKart grid spot today!