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Go Karting Tips - Preston

Go Karting Tips - Preston

Think you're ready to take on our Preston track? Before you suit up in your racing gear and get behind the wheel, make sure you check in with our karting experts as they take you round this awesome track. Trust us, you won't want to face your mates without them.

Our drivers will show you exactly what it takes to perfect your lap. Experience the whole track lap in our videos below, discover some incredible new manoeuvres and don't let the most challenging parts of this professionally designed Multi-Level go kart track catch you off guard!

Ever wondered what karting looks like from the eyes of a pro? Take a look at our flying lap video and  imagine yourself in the driving seat with a TeamSport crew member in Preston. Keep your eyes peeled, listen closely and get ready for the ride of your life!

Take on the Slippy Chicane

At TeamSport Preston, you'll face what we like to call the slippy chicane pretty early on. Don't let the change in surface put you off, this is all about staying in control. Get ready and prepare yourself, you'll meet this section just after the first hairpin.

Master the slippy chicane:

  1. Look out for the surface change at the bottom of the ramp
  2. Avoid spinning out by making minimal steering adjustments - keep that wheel as still as possible
  3. Flick the steering wheel into the corner to start your back tyres sliding - you're now drifting! Just remember to keep steering around the track, stay focused and don't panic.
  4. Get ready to clip the corner barrier (apex)
  5. Keep tight to the corner barrier as you allow the kart to take you around the apex, then put your foot down on the accelerator
  6. That's it, slippy chicane complete - keep going 'til you reach the finish line.

Nail the Long Left-Hander

A long left-hander requires a lot of concentration and tonnes of power. You'll need to keep your accelerator foot on the floor and your eyes firmly on the track. Are you ready?

Tackle the long left-hander:

  1. Accelerate hard as soon as you approach the long left-hander - you're going to need plenty of power
  2. Stick tight to the upcoming corner barriers (apexes), and keep your foot down on that accelerator
  3. Ready for the ramp up to the top floor? Make sure you use the full width of the track to maintain your speed
  4. Once the track straightens out, go hard on the brakes
  5. Turn aggressively so your kart can start drifting
  6. Keep on going, you're almost at the end!

Power through Final Corner

By now, your heart is probably beating fast as you approach the finish line. Every single movement counts, so make sure you nail the final corner if you want to enjoy the glory of first place. 

Defeat the final corner:

  1. As you reach the bottom of the ramp, flick your steering wheel quickly to the right.
  2. Move your kart into the corner to trigger a drift.
  3. Guide your kart around the final corner, then accelerate.
  4. Put your foot down until you reach the finish line!

Can't wait to put your skills to the test at our Preston track? Book your place today and get ready for hours of adrenaline fuelled fun!