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Go Karting Tips - Newcastle

Go Karting Tips - Newcastle

Think you've got what it takes to master our epic, Multi-Level Newcastle track? Before you jump in your kart and put pedal to the metal, make sure to check out our expert tips below first.

Below our pro drivers will show you how to complete the perfect lap, so you can get out there and impress your mates with some amazing manoeuvres. Just watch the video for more insider information.

Experience our Newcastle track from the driver's seat in our flying lap video. Making sure to take note of every corner, left-hander and hairpin - the key to an incredible lap is all in the details!

Mastering the double right corners

After a left and right hairpin in succession, you'll be faced with a steep descent. Known for being the trickiest part of the track, two right-hand corners await. Stay calm and focused, you've got this!

Nail the double right-hand corners:

  1. As you reach the flat part of the track, make sure you hit the brakes.
  2. Begin to turn right, into the first corner.
  3. Narrowly miss the apex - you want to be close, but make sure you don't hit it.
  4. Lightly put your foot down on the accelerator and begin to turn into the second right-hand corner.
  5. This time, make sure you clip the apex!
  6. Put your foot back down on the accelerator and continue with the lap.

Nail the final section

So, you've almost made it around the entire track - well done! The final section tests even the most skilled drivers, are you ready? You're about to reach the finish line.

Perfect the final section:

  1. Take a wide left when you approach this section and hit the brakes.
  2. Begin to turn into the first corner, making sure you miss that apex.
  3. Keep to the right here, don't let your kart swerve into the middle of the track.
  4. Turn into the final corner and keep your hands steady.
  5. Move the steering wheel as little as possible to maintain your speed for the final section of the track.

That's it, power towards the finish line! 

Itching to get going on our Newcastle track? Make sure you don't miss out, and book your place today - we can't wait to see you!