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Go Karting Tips - Manchester Victoria

Go Karting Tips - Manchester Victoria

Want to improve your lap time at our Manchester Victoria track, or gain some insight from our karting experts so can you beat your mates to the finish line? We're here to tell you everything you need to know to smash it on the racetrack, and master the art of completing a flying lap.

Take a look below at our top tips on how to handle some of the most difficult maneuvers, and watch our pro-driver go full throttle on our amazing multi-level circuit beneath Manchester Arena car park.

Curious to see what our Manchester Victoria track looks like from a driver's perspective? Watch our video above, where our pro-driver shares his experience on how to take each hairpin, corner or left-hander perfectly! 

Tackling two left-handers

On our exhilarating Manchester Victoria track, you'll come up against two left-handers in a row. Located just after a sharp hairpin, things are about to get tough. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on the track, and make sure you're fully focused!

Here's how to tackle the double left-hander with ease: 

  1. First up, make sure you eye up your brake marker and keep your kart tight on the right.
  2. Spot the brake marker? Great. Now you'll need to turn into the apex.
  3. As you travel between each corner, make sure the right of the kart doesn't start drifting into the centre of the track.
  4. Clip the apex, then point your kart towards the right-hand side of the track once more.
  5. Double left-handers complete!

Handling a hairpin

There's no need to be scared of a hairpin, not when you have the TeamSport experts to help. For our Manchester racers, the first hairpin you'll come up against is known as turn two - based at the bottom of the slope. With all that added speed acquired from hurtling downhill, it's a move that can catch even the best drivers out.

Get ready to master the hairpin:

  1. Spot the brake marker as you head down the slope.
  2. Brake hard, and begin to turn into the corner.
  3. Hit the apex as you turn (it's really important to ensure you keep your speed up!)
  4. Start to turn your kart in a smooth curve, all while putting your foot back on the gas!

Then that's it, hairpin safely handled.

Powering through a double hairpin

What's more daunting than one hairpin? A double hairpin. Don't panic though, this comes at the very end of each lap on our Manchester circuit and by now you're sure to be driving like a pro.

Follow the steps and do Lewis Hamilton proud on the double hairpin:

  1. Just like before, spot the brake marker.
  2. When it's time, brake hard.
  3. As you brake, turn your kart to ensure you hit that apex!
  4. Keep your kart close to the centre of the track. If you can, avoid heading out to the side.
  5. Here's the second hairpin, put your foot down!
  6. Position the kart to the left, then begin turning towards the apex.
  7. Hit the apex!
  8. Let your kart come out of the corner, and squeeze up close to the left barrier.
  9. Floor it - the end of the lap is near.

Can't wait to experience our Manchester Victoria track and put what you've learnt into action? Book today - we can't wait to see you what you're made of!