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Go Karting Tips - Harlow

Go Karting Tips - Harlow

Calling all karting enthusiasts in Harlow, do you think you've got what it takes to perform a perfect flying lap? Our 500m, multi-level circuit is ready and waiting for you, and we've teamed up with our TeamSport drivers to guide you through each apex, hairpin and slope with speed and precision.

Watch the videos below to experience the circuit before your mates. With our top tips, you might even be able to shatter Harlow's average lap speed of 37 seconds!

Jump in, we're going to take on a flying lap of our Harlow track. Our experienced drivers know the circuit so well they could probably do it with their eyes closed, so make sure you listen for pointers - they'll cut seconds off your lap time!

Left after a slope

 An unexpected turn directly after a slope can catch even the best karters out. Keep focused and calm, you're gonna meet this slope fairly on, directly after a left-hand apex.

Don't let the slope stress you out. Here's how to turn left easily:

  1. Stick to the right-side of the track - this is always key when turning left!
  2. Find your breaking point.
  3. Begin to turn left but stay wide of the apex.
  4. Second apex coming up! Nail it and, this time, stay close.
  5. That’s it - put your foot down, it's time for full power!

 Take the hill in full power

Making full use of its multi-level structure, you're going to face a challenging hill right after the slope we've just mentioned. Our Harlow track doesn't mess about - watch carefully!

Foot firmly on the accelerator, it's time to go full throttle:

  1. Hammer the accelerator as soon as you've nailed the second apex after the slope.
  2. You're going to need as much power here as possible - avoid those breaks!
  3. Another apex coming up! Clip it and keep left.
  4. It's time to tackle the hill - are you ready?
  5. Give the accelerator all you've got and make sure your foot is down!
  6. That's it, you've made it! Keep going, the finish line isn't here just yet.

Itching to give our Harlow circuit a go? Bring your friends, family or even colleagues any day of the week, and book today to secure your kart!